After Facebook & Instagram, Microsoft Clones SnapChat for its Windows Phone App

windup app

WindUp App. The latest report says that the official Microsoft Research centre have given birth to an Windows Phone messaging app. The interesting fact to be noticed here is that the app behaves exactly like world’s most renowned messaging service SnapChat, as reported by Neowin and TheNextWeb.

The app is named to be WindUp App that is currently available for free in the Windows store and allows its users to send funny messages and multimedia creations to their friends. The name for this app is originated from the phrase ‘winding up’ as they all hurry to see the latest things posted by you, as said in the app’s description.

With the WindUp app, you can share photos, videos and audio snippets, as well as text. This app was developed by Microsoft research and launched for the Windows 8 and 8.1 devices on 5th August, 2014…. [Read More]

An insane trick that makes me get 100+ subscribers daily – GUARANTEED!

email Marketing

‘Money is in the list!!!’

Guys, you just cannot regret with this statement because no matter what is the business related to, List always matters the most! Though my blog is not focused much on Email Marketing, today I am coming up an insane trick that can help you to get up to 100 subscibers every day and guys, it is my GUARANTEE to you!!!!

Now, what is that insane and extremely easy trick???? Before naming it, I would like to ask all the bloggers about Content lockers. Though this name is quite common nowadays but you all would feel quite weird that my trick for this instant growth in Email Subscribers is a Content Locker itself!!! I know that now you all are extremely excited and only one word is raising in all of your minds:


Well guys, the name of that secret is soon gonna be revealed after a present some information about Email Marketing for the newbie bloggers…. [Read More] ~ Because Innovation has no limit!!!


Raddi, is one of the most common words used by we native Indians. For us, it all means the news papers, the old books and other reading materials but I never thought, that one day, a thing like ‘RADDI’ will be evolved even on the internet. Yes, the day I saw, I realized that innovation and creativity has not limits. I have seen many websites based on technology, health, blogging and SEO, and many other niches but out of all of them, raddiExpress stood out first of them.

What is

raddiExpress is an online website by Sunaina Khurana where one can easily sell or buy ‘RADDI’ or newspapers. Even, the website shows the current rate on newspaper today i.e. Rs. 11 per kg. also, here they have provided their service contact number if in case one have any queries (which is available only from 9:15 am to 7:15 pm)…. [Read More]

AskME Android App Review: Is it really the ‘BAAP’ of all Apps?


Are you a Food enthusiast like me? Well, If Yes then this post is written just for you. We bring in money to have an awesome life. According to a recent report from USA, an American spends more than $150 on Food every week
Some individuals spent even more than this on daily basis in search of quality food. In this article, I present to you a wonderful application which will help you find the Food Eateries in your locality and help your hunger satisfies with the quality food.

AskMe: Search Best Restros in your Locality

AskMe Recently had been launched by Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd which helps in providing the best restros in your locality which are within their database. This database is upgraded on a regular basis to give you the best search results.
But We men do not really prefer to eat at a location we do not understand about, is not it?… [Read More]

HTC Windows 8.1 Smartphone Detailed Specs revealed

htc one m8

Though it would be uncommon to you, but HTC is nowadays working on its newest handset which will be a Windows Phone, expected to launch later on this month or the beginning on the next month and the current reports from Google have revealed its upcoming specifications. The current reports also state that the device is named HTC ONE M8.

Though the device is using the same outframe as all the other HTC One models, the looks are just killing the company fans and it looks like a winner on all accounts.

HTC’s first Windows Phone, One M8, will struck the market with some high-end features, compatible with for HTC’s Dot View case too!… [Read More]

How I rank my keywords well in 2014 ~ Google+ Backlink Strategy

google+ strategy 6

2014 is gonna be harsh. 2014 is gonna be tough

This is what I heard from many of my fellow blogging mates when I asked them about Search Engine rankings in 2014. Though having a killer SEO strategy and quality content solve’s every problem, one needs to work harder and harder this year, and you all can’t regret it and when we are talking about high Google rankings, we just can’t forget Social Media.

No matter how much people prefer Facebook or Twitter, my most preferred Social Network is Google+ and there is nothing wrong in that because it has proven to be the best. Today, I am presenting a killer strategy that helps to get quality backlinks and better Search Engine rankings in 2014.

Note: Before getting started with this magical trick, I would like to thank to Satish Kumar from who was the guy to launch in technique. Thanks a ton Mr. Kumar for giving birth to this Million-dollar technique!!!… [Read More]

The critics agree, Start8 is the best Windows 8 start menu solution!


Problem: want a shortcut to all your favorite things in your Windows 8 device??? Well, the obvious solution for this would be the start button but unfortunately, one cannot use the function of Start in Windows 8

Solution: As I’ve promised online on Facebook that I would be coming up with a superb tool that brings up the start option in Windows 8 and I have stood up on my promise. Here comes Start8, a handy software that adds the start option striaght away once you download it.

Start8 returns the familiar start menu to Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system. Start8 will boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop by default, giving users a friendly starting point during their migration from other Windows platforms. Users are able to search for, pin and launch both classic and Modern UI applications from the start menu with Start8…. [Read More]

IObit Uninstaller 3: Uninstallating Windows 8 Apps made easy!


So you want a medium that helps to speedily delete Windows 8 Applications???? Well guys, I’ve got the solution for your issue and that is IObit Uninstaller.

This name may not be common to you but lemme tell you that it is a strong medium that guides to remove Windows 8 Apps instantly and today I’m reviewing it on Find Web Apps.

In today’s IObit Uninstaller review, I am gonna present what this special tool is about, its features, its uses and its drawback, if it has any!

Integrated with up to date uninstall technology, IObit Uninstaller 4 helps you remove unwanted programs and browser plug-ins/toolbars easily even when Windows “Add or Remove Programs” fails. The newly added Windows 8 Apps Module even helps you uninstall the pre-installed Windows 8 applications…. [Read More]

Capture Videos from MAC or Windows easily – Debut Video Capture Review!

video capture 2

Guys, have you ever witnessed a software that can easily capture video files from a device from other. However, it is a very common thing nowadays, but today, I have got a mind-boggling software that has taken this process to the next level. Today, at Find Web Apps, I am reviewing Debut Video Capture a newly launched software that helps transferring videos from MAC or Windows to any other device easily.

In today’s Debut Video Capture review, I’ll show you what is this awesome tool its features, along with a video tutorial and the gateway to download this free tool! So let us begin.

What is Debut Video Capture?

Debut Video Capture Software is a great tool for recording video and is capable of capturing video from different sources. Make your own tutorials, capture video recorded on an external device, recorde streaming video and more…. [Read More]

Facebook is stripping Messaging out of its main app, pushing to FB Messenger

facebook removes messaging


This maybe little weird for you but it is the hard truth guys!! Facebook is all set to separate its main app and the messaging service of it, meaning that now, if one wants to message through facebook then he needs to download the Messaging app first.

The news was first spread online by TechCrunch, stating that it should not be a surprise for the Android/iOS Facebook app users. From now, whenever messaging somebody from the main app, a popup will pop on with the link to download the Facebook Messenger App (exceptions are when you’ve already downloaded the app). Also, Europeans are the first to witness the removed messaging feature from the main app…. [Read More]