HitMan Pro helps you destroy your PC’s Trojans: Review and Tutorial

HitmanPro 3

And again, the story is same. You computer is caught  by another trojan or spyware and after installing so many Anti-virus softwares, the result is the same i.e. no accurate performance and now, you are just fed up of all of these issues, right? Guys, do anyone of you know about HitMan Pro

Well today, just for all those frustrated people, I am coming up with a superb Anti-Virus that can help you to easy find out the trojans and spywares before it invades to your PC and then, throw it out. The software which is to be reviewed here is HitMan pro and I just can’t wait to share this tool’s awesomeness with my readers. So, shall we begin? [Read more...]

How to increase your Twitter followers from the scratch – GUARANTEE!

get twitter followers

Starving for more Twitter followers???

Being retweeted can help extend your online presence and lead to increased traffic, followers and influence. But still, after performing all these things, is it resulting in a failure??? Well, here I always try to present something unique and new and thus, in order to increase more twitter followers, you can give a try to these free techniques (though I don’t guarantee) which can give an increase to your twitter followers and as it is said:

‘There is no harm in trying something which costs nothing – Divyansh Peswani’

So let us all begin with these sure-fire tricks!!! [Read more...]

How I Get Steady Traffic to my blog without SEO or Backlinks (FREE!!!)

free website traffic copy

Thinking for Traffic??? Want traffic on your blog but still, you are failing? Well, this is the story of almost every newbie and I know how it feel likes when something like this happenes. But guys, you need not worry now because today, at Find Web Apps, I am bringing something that’ll work like a fairy for you to boost traffic and the major and the base part about it is that it doesn’t require either SEO or Backlinks!!!

Now, the thought coming to your mind is simple – ‘IT IS IMPOSSIBLE’ but for me guys, in the world of blogging, nothing is impossible. Before proceeding with the post, I want to thank Enstine Muki from the bottom of my heart to give a start to such an awesome network.

Opps!! By mistake I revealed that the trick is nothing but a network itself which is named to be ‘BroadedNet’. [Read more...]

Microsoft to Launch Windows 9 beta version on 30th Sept. 2014

microsoft launches windows 9

So finally, Microsoft will be leaving the disaster i.e. Windows 8 and have a bigger marketing strategy this year. The company is all set to give future of Windows a new vision by the launch of its next threshold, Windows 9.

According to the officials from the veryge, the currently planned date for Windows 9 is 30th Sept. when a media event will be conducted and Microsoft would be officially familiarize the most awaited OS of the season.

“Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the software maker is tentatively planning its press event for September 30th to detail upcoming changes to Windows as part of a release codenamed ‘Threshold,” writes Tom Warren of The Verge. [Read more...]

BROKEN LINKS!!! Broken Link Checker can fix them [Review + Tutorial]

broken link checker 5

Holy C*ap!! Is your website at stake???

This most important thing for any blogger in its career is his/her blog and when the prestige is that stake, a blogger can do anything to get it back, right? But guys, though many of you may not be aware of it, but secretly something is there that is degrading your search and speed results and knowingly or unknowingly, you are supporting it and that thing is, the broken links of your website!!! Even I was not aware of this term earlier and how it works but after researching about it, I got to know that it is acting like a murderer for dozens of blogs.

Also, it is very difficult to find where are the broken links and how to fix them up. Just for all of them, today, I am coming up with a mind-boggling and free WP tool which whose help you can easily find all the the broken links in your website and heal them up to become a protective guide for your blog and my lovely tool is named to be ‘Broken Link Checker’. [Read more...]

ALS #IceBucketChallenge hits the Indian Blogosphere – $8.6 Million within 24 hrs

als ice bucket challenge

ALS #IceBucketChallenge is undoubtedly the most trending topic right now and as I’ve been on social networks, other than online Kings such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, the challenge has heated by the Indian Blogosphere too! And not only one but within 24 hours, the challenge ha gone viral among the Indian bloggers.

Though the challenge looks quite funny and interesting, it has been started with a very fair and innovative motive. Actually, this is a mean of collecting money from people all over the world which could be utilized to cure people from diseases whose cures everybody cannot afford. Those who are not able to complete the challenge are enforced for a charity of $100 and just like that, I’ve heard that within 24 hrs, the ALS association have collect $8.6 billion which are all going to be utilized for the poor sick people.

How did it struck the INDIAN Blogosphere?

Though I don’t know who was the first indian blogger to receive this challenge, the video of the first Indian blogger, attempting the Ice Bucket Challenge was Amit Bhawani, who then passed on the challenge to Raju PP and Varun Krish from TechPP.com and FoneArena.com respectively. And it took no time for the bloggers to: [Read more...]