50 Essential iPhone Apps 2012 – Free iPhone Apps To Download(11-20)

Here I am with my list of 50Essential iPhone Apps 2012 list (11-20).

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50 Essential iPhone Apps 2012 (11-20)

21. Wikipanion: Wikipanion will provide you all the information about your search for your respective topics. It is moreover like the companion of Wiki which is one of the best encyclopedias on internet. wiipanion Essential iPhone Apps 2012
22. Evernote: This application is used for designing and keeping notes. You can now memorize any of your important minutes. evernote Essential iPhone Apps 2012
23. Kindle:  This app brings up a screen with the display of books in your archive. It also connects the Kindle download link to the iPhone. You can download and read any book you like. kindle Essential iPhone Apps 2012
24. Around me: It is an excellent application and allows you to quickly find the places in your locality. It would be extremely easy to find any gas filling station, hospitals, banks nearby or anything else. aroundme Essential iPhone Apps 2012
25. Dictionary.com: No other application can give that fast and easy access to dictionary, having lots of information. dictionary Essential iPhone Apps 2012
26. Adobe Photoshop express:  You may feel the absolute Adobe Photoshop experience with this app. Cropping or editing an image or adding any kind of effect becomes in-hand with this app. adobe photoshop Essential iPhone Apps 2012
27. ihandy level free: a leveler with a cool looking theme. ihandy Essential iPhone Apps 2012
28. Read it later free: this application will let you to store your written texts to be read later some time. This application serves the best as a diary. readitlater Essential iPhone Apps 2012
29. PCalc lite: It is a very useful and free to use popular scientific calculator. Optional RPN mode, unit conversions and constants, multiple redo and undo are its special features pcalc Essential iPhone Apps 2012
30. iBooks: It is an astonishing way to read the books; you can even download any book you want. It includes the latest bestselling books. You just need to browse your library and tap any book to open it.

ibooks Essential iPhone Apps 2012

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