50 Essential iPhone Apps 2012 – Free iPhone Apps To Download (21-30)

This is the list 3 from the Big list of 50 Essential iPhone Apps 2012 which includes the apps from number 21-30.

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50 Essential iPhone Apps 2012 (21-30)

EBay mobile: This application provides facility for online shopping on eBay on your mobile. ebay mobile Essential iPhone Apps 2012
Tube map: This application will lend you a hand in planning your journey. You can easily verify your Oyster balance, check departure times or even find stations.

tubemap Essential iPhone Apps 2012
Google earth: You can view entire earth from helicopter view using Google earth app on your phone.

google earth Essential iPhone Apps 2012
XE currency: You can convert every currency using this application. It also features live currency charts and rates. Leading media companies feature this amazing application.

xe currency Essential iPhone Apps 2012Bump: It is one of the best applications for the iPhones to exchange the contacts. The users can exchange the contacts by bumping with other devices.

bump Essential iPhone Apps 2012
Yell.com: Yell is one of the most needed apps ever if a local search is needed, it is powered by Yellow Pages which has been serving as local business finder for years.

yell Essential iPhone Apps 2012
BBC news: You can be in link with BBC news channel using this application. You will get all the news streaming from BBC.

bbc news Essential iPhone Apps 2012
Find my iphone: This is an amazing application as you can locate your lost phone using it. This application can locate your mobile phone in any area.

find my iPhone Essential iPhone Apps 2012
Dragon dictation: Dragon Dictation is a user-friendly voice recognition application that allows you to speak easily and you can see your text and email messages instantly. This application is powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking®.

dragon dictation Essential iPhone Apps 2012
iHandy torch free: This application provides a bright light on screen, to be used in dark. It works quite well as a torch.

ihandy torch Essential iPhone Apps 2012

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