9 New Features of WhatsApp: Send 30 Media Files in One Go

WhatsApp is one of the most used free messaging services currently. The app gets updated regularly and the makers keep adding the new features to attract more and more users to it. In this post we will learn about 9 new features of WhatsApp added recently.

9 New Features of WhatsApp

Send 30 Pictures In One Go- 

You can now send 30 pictures on WhatsApp in one go. This is one of the most awaited feature of WhatsApp. Earlier we were allowed to send only 10 pictures in one go which is now increased to 30 pictures. Limitation of sending 10 pictures in one go actually becomes annoying when you have to share 100 pictures of some of your family trips or a wedding or anything else. How I wish it was updated to unlimited pictures but still 30 is not bad too.

Status Update

This new feature of WhatsApp is somewhat similar to the Instagram stories but is named as status. The Status update automatically deletes after 24 hours, same as  the Instagram and Snapchat stories. You can add a picture or a video as your status update.

New Message

A new message icon is now added in your main WhatsApp window. Click on the icon and it will open a new chat message window, select the contact and send your message right away.

New WhatsApp Emojis

Emojis are the most important part of WhatsApp chats. The messaging service is now updated with many new and interesting emojis including a joker, a detective, new girls with hats, guys with hats and many more. The new set of emojis include a shakehands, facepalm, selfie, mom and son emojis, shrug, pregnant woman, father with two kids emoji, and many more.

Boost images with Emojis and doodles

Just like Snapchat, you can now boost your images with doodles and emojis in WhatsApp too. You can now personalize your pictures and send it to your contacts. Just open the chat window of the contact you want to send the picture and click on the camera icon in  the right bottom corner. Click the picture, and customize it by clicking the Smiley icon on the ribbon above.

Send offline WhatsApp Message

 You can now send a message to your WhatsApp contact without internet too. Yes, this new feature of WhatsApp allows you to send a message offline. So, if your friend’s internet is not turned on and you still want to send a message, don’t worry, the new feature of WhatsApp allows you to do so. You type and send the message and it will be delivered automatically when they get the internet connectivity on their phone.

Send GIF Images

While this is not a very new feature of WhatsApp it is still worth adding in the list of new features of WhatsApp. Other than images and videos you can now send the GIF images on WhatsApp too.

WhatsApp Supports 10 New Languages

WhatsApp now supports ten Indian languages. Before this update, the messaging service used to support only English language but seeing the increase in number of Indian users, the company has added a set of 10 new Indian languages which include Hindi, Bangla, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujrati, and more.


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