10 Best Android Apps For Students

Android phones are the first choice of anyone buying the phones today and the reason is the numerous useful and interesting android apps releasing every second day in the android market

abdroid apps for students

I remember the time when having a mobile phone was a status symbol and a very few people had it. People used to answer only the very important calls as the incoming calls were are also paid like the outgoing calls.

Times have changed now and even the school students have the mobile phones now. Going not too far, my son studying in class 9th has an Android phone and he needed this phone just to use the interesting android apps.

Today in this piece of writing I am going to enlist some of the best android apps for the school student. I am enlisting all the free android apps as I feel students would not want to spend their pocket money in buying the apps, not my son at least.

Below are a few android apps which my son is using, I hope you may like my list of apps.

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Best Android Apps For School Students

Merriam Webster Dictionary

abdroid apps for students

If you check the current school syllabus, you will know that the topics we studied in class 10th are today taught to our kids in class 6th-7th and thus having dictionary apps is must for the students today. Looking for a word meaning in dictionary can be time consuming and this is where Merriam Webster Dictionary android app helps.

Math Formulary

abdroid apps for students

Math is my son’s favorite subject but at times he finds it difficult and therefore this was the first Android App he downloaded in his Android mobile phone. This android app has almost all the Math formula he requires in his studies. Math Formulary android app provides a quick access to algebra, trigonometry, geometry and all other logic math formulae.

Download Math Formulary From Here

Advanced English & Thesaurus

abdroid apps for students

No matter how good is your English, every student needs help in English some or the other day. This android app has 1.4 million words. This app offers the functions of both thesaurus and dictionary app so if you are using this app, you might not need to install dictionary app separately. Though my son is not using this app but seeing the features I found it quite useful to include in my list of android apps for school students.

Download Advanced English & Thesaurus From Here

Formulas Lite

abdroid apps for students

When I was a student, I was very weak in chemistry subject and the thing I used to hate about it was the formulae in chemistry. I wish I had such app in my school days. This is one of the best android apps for the school students as it helps the students in physics and chemistry formulae. The best part about this app is that it also helps with the periodic table of elements which is the worst thing to learn in chemistry.

Download Formulas Lite From Here


abdroid apps for students

While studying students need to explore some terms which are absolutely new for them and this is where this android app helps them. Wapedia is the best way to access content from Wikipedia online and to know about any new term related to any subject.

Download Wapedia From Here

Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

android apps for students

This is an excellent application to help students in English grammar. This application includes 250 questions of English grammar.

You can solve all your standard grammatical queries for all level students.

Download Oxford Grammar and Punctuation From Here


android apps for students

Making a timetable is very important for every student. Students who make and follow a set timetable for all their work like studies, play, class and tuitions schedule, homework and leisure can only attain success. Studious is one of the best android apps for studious students. My son use it and I am proud to say that he strictly follows the timetable. This app is especially designed for managing the study schedule well with other activities.

Download Studious From Here


android apps for students

When it is about creating a note, Evernote is one of the best Android apps. Not only my son but I am also using this app. Both I and my son basically use this app to add the to-do list which reminds us the important tasks to be done.

Download Evernote From Here

Mint.com Personal Finance

android apps for students

Winderng what is a finance app doing in the list of Android Apps for students?

My son uses this app to manage his pocket money and his saved money. I don’t know whether he has that much of money to be managed by a finance app or not but yes he uses this app and actually quite happy to use it. He manages all the money he has, money he spends and to make his budget.

Download Mint.com Personal Finance From Here

Pandora Internet Radio

android apps for students

Relaxation is equally important as studies and Pandora Internet Radio helps my son in this. He is a music lover and he loves to listen music in his free time. I know there are many other such android apps available in the android market but the good ones are paid and he uses the free app. It is actually a personalized internet radio where you can listen to your favorite artist.

Download Pandora Internet Radio From Here

If you are a student reading my article, I hope you find this list of android app helpful and useful. Try them and let me know how were they.


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    I know facebook apps on android and even iphone is always and commonly installed on their mobile. I am glad to know your top list apps for students because most of them is not familiar with me. I am curious about “Personal Finance.”

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    I’m a medical student, so let me see what all I’ll need. I certainly need the first one, it always help. I won’t need the second one, the third one can be ignored thanks to the first one. I don’t need formulas lite either nor would I need the Oxford Grammar and Punctuation. I may need Wapedia, Studious – NO, Evernote – Already have it. Personal finances?? Not necessary.

    You could have added a medical dictionary I guess, sort of streamlined towards Engineering courses as far as Indian students are concerned.

    You could have used a different image as well. Nevermind, Nice collection of apps. Thanks!

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