The 5 Must-have PRO iOS Apps for WordPress Bloggers

Apps for wordpress bloggers. The easiest way to  The easiest way to make money these days is working online as a blogger and freelancer. If you’re earning online then you can earn better than a person working from dawn to dusk in office. When anybody thinks to start earning from home, the first question that arises in his mind is that from where should I start? I would recommend you to start with a self hosted WordPress blog, because the top people earning online are micro niche and affiliate bloggers.

Those who already have their own WordPress blogs, know that WordPress is handy, easy to setup and highly customizable. My article will add more luxury in your lives because it’s about best iOS apps for WordPress bloggers, if you’re a blogger and have an iDevice then this article is especially for you.

apps for wordpress bloggers

Let’s start talking about the best iOS apps for WP bloggers:



WordPress itself developed an iOS app for its users and it is an all in one app to manage your blog from iDevice. Now you can control and manage your WordPress blog via this iOS app, you can publish and delete your articles, you can edit your articles and pages and also you can insert pictures and videos with it too. Moreover, this app is available for self hosted blog owners, as well as free WP blog owners.

Furthermore, reply to comments is must for readers’ engagement and also for SEO of a blog, you can quickly reply to users’ comments via this app and it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress i.e. WordPress 4.0. I think this app is enough for every WordPress blogger to manage his/her blog via mobile.

Google Analytics


The most remarkable way to check daily visitors of a blog is Google analytics. It’s free and shows you your daily visitors along with pageviews, bounce rate, landing pages, geo-location and many more things. You can have its iOS app on your iDevice and it’s fortune that Google analytics app also features all of the functionalities that are available in its desktop version.

Google Analytics app’s main screen shows you daily visits, real-time visitors and traffic sources. I’m personally having it on my iPhone 5 and I use to check my analytics once in an hour. No other analytics service can provide such accurate measure of visitors and their statistics.



Before writing on any topic or starting a blog, keyword research is the most important nowadays. If you don’t know about the topic’s competition and monthly searches, you’re just wasting your time; it’s the biggest reason of failure for newbie bloggers. If you’re starting a one page website that is going to provide some unique service, you should know your targeted keywords because the service you’re offering is your strength, if you fail to get visitors to this page, your hard work will spoil. For example; one of my friend is running a service based website that helps its users to send free sms to Pakistan, the website is now a brand but in its starting years its title was “SmsPunch” because my friend didn’t had any keyword research on it and when he did, after two years he started rocking and now he is one of the top webmasters in his region.

Secockpit lets you find the best keyword for your topic or niche. It brings the keyword results from Google keyword planner along with the CPC and monthly searches, so no need to plan keywords on desktop, do it via your iOS device.

Google Authenticator


It’s basically a WordPress plugin that offers two-step verification for your WordPress blog. It’s a good plugin to make your WordPress blog secure, because when anyone logins to your blog, you’ll get a verification code on Google Authenticator app for iOS. If any hacker knows your password, he can’t login to your blog without having the code that you will receive on your iDevice.



Every blogger needs a good mail app because it’s a routine of bloggers to have discussions via their email service. I personally use myMail app for iOS, it better manages my emails and you can sync unlimited email accounts in this app, while the default iOS mail app allows limited number of email IDs.

Moreover, its interface is user-friendly and it has passcode authentication feature that helps you to password protect your emails. Furthermore, you can add your default signatures in your emails with myMail app. This app is free and you can read your emails even you’re offline with its mail cache feature.

If you’ve any other iOS app that is useful for WordPress bloggers, please let us know via commenting on this article.



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