ASCII Art Generator : Convert Your Own Pictures Into Lovely ASCII Art Images

Today while I was browsing over the web for some good ASCII Art designs, I landed on Springfrog ASCII Art Generator. This is basically an online web application that allows you to create ASCII Art text from any of your image.
This is what I generated using the Springfrog ASCII Art generator.ascii art generator

Lovely!! Isn’t it ?

ASCII Arts i.e, the pictures made using text symbols was one of the earliest ways of displaying images on old-traditional computers. Though today we have the latest technology and state-of-art graphics to display images, but the simplicity of ASCII art always creates a magnificence in an image.

ASCII Art is more-or-less a great way to show your creativeness in places like forums and personal profile pages on social networking websites.

It is a very simple tool to use and create your own ASCII Art text images. You just need to browse an image from your computer system and click on ‘Convert to ASCII’. The online tool will generate the ASCII Art text image within a few seconds. The tool allows users to choose between different output resolutions by using the select box for low, medium or high resolution. Selecting the high resolution image may surely give the image more detail but medium resolution images give better results. Similarly if you want to copy and paste your ASCII Art image to a website where number of character is limited, you better go with a low resolution image.


You can get an awesome black and white ASCII version of any of your picture in the purest form of ASCII Art. The tool however gives you the colored ASCII Art image too, but I like the black and white version more.

Check out some colored ASCII Art images I made using this online ASCII Art generator. You can create your own ASCII Art images this Valentines Day and impress your beloved. đŸ™‚ASCII Art generator love ascii art 1

I love the ASCII Art text images and now when I know about the SpringFrog ASCII Art Generator, I am gonna make many more text images using the tool.


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