AskME Android App Review: Is it really the ‘BAAP’ of all Apps?

Are you a Food enthusiast like me? Well, If Yes then this post is written just for you. We bring in money to have an awesome life. According to a recent report from USA, an American spends more than $150 on Food every week
Some individuals spent even more than this on daily basis in search of quality food. In this article, I present to you a wonderful application which will help you find the Food Eateries in your locality and help your hunger satisfies with the quality food.

AskMe: Search Best Restros in your Locality

AskMe Recently had been launched by Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd which helps in providing the best restros in your locality which are within their database. This database is upgraded on a regular basis to give you the best search results.
But We men do not really prefer to eat at a location we do not understand about, is not it?
This AskMw app will solve this problem of yours. You can even get to understand the speciality of the restaurant and plan accordingly. Consider this app as a guide to take you to the best of Restaurants in your locality.

AskMe’s FeaturesAskME Android App

Although I consider this app, loved by most of the foodies. This is not only an app to locate just the Eateries, it may also help you in finding the following:-

  1. Helps in Finding Jobs
  2. Helps in Finding Taxis
  3. Post Advertisement to sell stuff to you
  4. Locate the best of prices in your locality
  5. Locate Contact details of businesses
  6. Read and Share review on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter among friends and family

This is an all in One search application to find the finest of anything in your locality and allow you to take advantage of your life.


Although there are lots of applications to give you information about the Eateries in your locality, but you wont be able to find customer reviews on any of those applications. AskMe provides you with a set of searches regarding the eatery together with costumer reviews and evaluations. This is one such application, which make your life a little bit more easy and will provide you the correct information about any company in your locality.

Download AskMe Android App Now:

AskMe application is available entirely free of charge. You can freely download this application right now from the Google Play store and enjoy its amazing features.

Note: The program will soon be accessible for apple iOS users.

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