7 best Backlinks Checking tools to be used in 2014


Backlinks Checking tools. Though SEO has changed to a great extent in past few years, backlinks are still the heart of SEO. Earlier, the only thing that mattered was content. Good content means you are the king but nowadays, it is not just that (however I still think that content is the king). Today, building quality backlinks at high PR and authority websites have become more important. Building backlinks at low PR/Authority doesn’t even matter 1% today.

90% of the bloggers (including me) concentrate on building high authority backlinks and today, I will be discussing some of the best Backlinks Checking tools to be used in the year 2014. I can assure you that the Backlinks checking tools I will be presenting here will give you a very accurate amount of your blog’s Backlinks and these might also help you to improve your backlinking strategies (if they’re not good).

What are backlinks and why do you need them?

When any website links your blog’s homepage or any other webpage on any of his/her blog’s pages, it is called backlinks. Guest Posting and Blog Commenting are the two methods used by bloggers to generate backlinks. The basic reason behind for having backlinks of a website or a webpage is that it is the most important method of ranking a blog high on Search Engines. The two categories of backlinks can be said as:

  • DOFOLLOW Backlinks
  • NOFOLLOW Backlinks

When we talk about creating backlinks, we obviously talk about Dofollow backlinks (no need to explain it as the name says everything) and with the Backlinks Checking tools I am presenting today, we count the number of quality backlinks.

So without wasting any more time, shall we begin with the list?


7 best Backlinks Checking tools to be used in 2014

#1. BacklinkWatch

BackLinkWatch is the most popular backlinks monitor among the blogging masses and definitely deserves to get featured on the top of the Backlinks Checking tools list. You can use this free tool to keep an eye on your blog’s Quality Backlinks and it also give valuable information about your blogs backlinks and an overview of you blog’s visiting statistics.

#2. Analyze Backlinks

The thing I liked the most about this tool is its interface. Whoa!! The flat and easy-to-use interface makes it a royal-looking site but we are not here for looks, right? Except having a nice interface, it also provides a simple backlinks diagnosis process. After the analysis of the backlinks, it provides some useful options like not repeating backlinks coming from the same domain. Some of its other features include:

  • Filtering backlink search for anchor text
  • Anchor text
  • Homepage links, and
  • Outbound links

#3. Majestic SEO

Over 12,000 bloggers and webmasters and so many people can’t be wrong, so it might contain some qualities that makes it one of the best Backlinks Checking Tools. It provides a record of all the indexed links of a webpage and it takes regular updates to give their users the freshest report of backlinks of their blogs or any of their blog’s webpage. This free backlinks checker’s valuable diagnosis on a blog’s backlinks gives a complete backlinks profile and trust me guys, these are all my words as I am too one of those 12,000 MagesticSEO users. It also comes with various tools kits at its shop for a better backlinking process.

#4. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is also one of my favorite online Backlinks Checking tools. It is worth at least one try and the reason why I am saying this, is that it is the best tool to compare backlinks between two websites. This free tools is good enough to get started with backlinks monitoring of a website/webpage but it works much better if you are having a paid SEOMOZ account and its website comparing feature was the thing that made me list this tool also.

#5. AHrefs

AHrefs is one of the biggest and the most trusted Backlinks checker by many SEO gurus and webmasters. It has one of the largest index of live backlinks on websites and has an updated backlinks check after every 15 minutes for a better backlinks analysis. This tool, alike others, also comes with simple, clean, flat and user-friendly interface. One can easily find anchors, best pages, internal links and domains where the website or the webpage is linked with this tool, making it also one of the my favorites. It also gives a competition report of backlinks and Search Engine rankings with other websites.

#6. W3tool’s Backlink Checker

The major feature of W3Tool Backlink Checker according to me is that it allows you to enter 7-10 blog URLs at a time! The tool allows gives you a backlinks report a blog is having at various Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and AltaVista. If you are running a blog network, and have to monitor backlinks of all the blog’s, the W3tool Backlink Checker is the destination which you were looking for.

#7. Link Diagnosis

During the analysis of backlinks at Link Diagnosis, it gives you various options for checking backlinks such as option to get a detailed and Optimized report of backlinks, option to check backlinks of a single page or the whole website, option of different outputs and many more which you will get to know after giving this tool a try. An important tip: this tool will work the finest with Mozilla Firefox.

Final Verdict

So these are the backlinks checking tools I use in my regular blogging life to keep an eye on my blog’s backlinks and try to improve them day by day Hope you all liked my post. Please post your thoughtful comments below and share this post on your social networks to show you love with FWA.


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