10 Android Apps I love To Use

Best Android Apps 2012

best android apps 2012

I love my HTC ChaCha Android phone to dabble with it whenever I have some spare time.

Although, being a homemaker, mom of two sons and a blogger I seldom get some time to spend with my phone but still I somehow manage to do so.

Honestly speaking my android phone is the one I get up with and it the last thing I touch before I step into my deep sleep.

Now if you will ask why I love my phone so much, the answer is quite obvious and it is The Android Apps.

The day I got my android phone, the first thing I did was to browse the android market for some interesting android apps.

Today I am going to share m favorite android apps, the apps which I preferably use in my android phone. You might not find them of much use, but these are my favorite and best android apps 2012.

Best Android Apps 2012

  1. WhatsApp– This was the first android app I installed in my phone. This is one of the best free messengers I have ever used. Very quick to download and install and indeed very easy to use. It helps me to stay in touch with all my friends worldwide.
  2. Facebook – If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might know that I am a big facebook fan and so this was next of my best android apps 2012 which I installed in my phone. So now I have an eye over my facebook timeline even when I am on the go. I get the notifications immediately when someone tags me on unwanted location or when any of my friends update facebook status.
  3. Volume Lite- This is again one of my favorite essential android apps 2012. This app enables me to set different notification volume for different services. I can set the Voice Call volume, Incoming call volume, Music volume, Notification volume, Alarm volume, System volume, and also can set the Ringer mode at my preference.
  4. GAnalytics- If you are a blogger you might surely enlist this app in the list of your best android apps 2012. This app keeps me posted about the visitors, traffic, traffic sources and other details of my blog analytics.
  5. Google+- This is yet another one of the most important android apps for bloggers. This app helps me sharing my update on Google+ and also to look over what my friends are sharing.
  6. Go SMS Pro-Not all of my phonebook friends use whatsapp so I needed some good android messaging app to stay in touch with friends not on Whatsapp. My search ended on Go SMS Pro. It provides me a cool and convenient SMS experience.
  7. Audible- This is one of the most interesting android apps. I use this app mostly when I am on the go and also when I am folding my laundry. I and my earphones are the best companions to use this app and enjoy the audio books.
  8. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner- My younger son is a big foodie and this android app help in making new and delicious recipes for him. It won’t be wrong if I say that this is my son’s favorite android app as well. He selects a dish from the app and hand over the phone to me with recipe page open. This is one of the best android apps for moms.                                                                   
  9. WordPress for Android: With the WordPress for android app I can easily post my blog content, edit, update add new features on the go. Also, I can add images and the clipart to my content. This is one of the favorite android apps for bloggers.
  10. Evernote: This app is included in the list of my favorite list of best android apps 2012 because it helps me a lot. It helps me in keeping a record of my to-do list most importantly. It synchronizes all texts with my computer system and syncs all my data, notes, contacts and the calendar with my computer system or the laptop.

As I always write in my articles that this is my list of best android apps 2012 and might not necessarily match yours.

The comment box below is waiting for your feedback and I would love to know if my list of favorite android apps matches to yours or not.

Which is your favorite android app or which are the best android apps according to you?


    • shiwangi says

      Thnx for looking over my post Rocky..yeah WordPress is very useful to work on blog while you are on the go and I use evernote to maintain my daily home tasks like to-do lists and all. Pls subscribe to know about more of such amazing apps

    • shiwangi says

      Welcome Katherin and yeah Whatsapp is my favorite android app and it was the first app I installed in my phone. I am actually addicted to Whatsapp 🙂
      BTW Nice to see you here and wish to see you again 🙂

    • shiwangi says

      Thnx for visiting my blog again Praveen. These are favorite android apps and I am just addicted to them 🙂
      Pls subscribe to know more about such apps.

    • shiwangi says

      Welcome to my blog Tarun 🙂 and yes Evernote is one of my favorites it help me greatly to manage my to-do list:)
      Pls subscribe to know more about such amazing apps 🙂

    • shiwangi says

      Yeah it was a big typo Aditya. Thnx for noticing it. I use GAnalytics only and corrected it in the list. By the way welcome to my blog and do come again 🙂

        • shiwangi says

          Thnx for visiting again Aditya and yes I agree that the GAnalytics eats a good amount of memory but then again I find it very useful to keep an eye on my blog analytics. Well this is the only drawback in the android phones the internal memory.
          And yeah I assure you the quality..:)

  1. says

    Wow, such a great list of the best android apps! I was really impressed by the Evernote app. It has lots of great features best of all being the ability to have all notes on your mobile devices and your laptop. It is also aesthetically pleasing. Thanks!

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