50 Best Free Android Apps To Be Downloaded From Android Market (11-20)

This is the second part of my long list of 50 best free android apps including the apps from 11-20.

I hope you enjoyed my previous list of best free android apps (1-10).

Best Free Android Apps (11-20)


Best Free Android Apps (11-20)

11. Winamp: it is the one of the old and efficient audio player which makes you to play the song and videos in your mobile phones. It provides the good quality of sound.


Download Winamp From Android Market

12. Samsung ChatOn: it’s a chatting tool that priorities our friends according to our chat. It is developed by the Samsung so it is called Samsung chaton. It helps you to stay in contact with the friends and to create the social network also. This is one of the best best free android apps for the chat lovers around.

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13. Skyfire 3.0: it is the one of the most popular browser used by the maximum people of the world, it helps you to surf the internet through your mobile phone. It’s a browser that supports flash contents of videos etc.

android market

14. BBC News: it is the one of the most famous apps in the android. It connects you to the latest news updates. It comes with the latest and interactive interface.

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Download BBC News From Android Market

15. RAC Traffic: one of the apps developed by the android which makes you aware about the traffic and rush in your way. It works on the GPS technology of your mobile phone. It alerts about the upcoming traffics in our path.

android market

Downloaad RAC Traffic From Android Market

16. Swype: it provides an easier way to type on your phone. It provides the most interactive typing environment through which you can type your message and notes very easily in your mobile phone. It also offers the user friendly interface and scores a secure place in my list of best free android apps.


Download Swype From Android Market

17. Evernote: it synchronizes all texts with a computer system. It is the android app that syncs all your data, notes, contacts and the calendar with your computer system or the laptop.

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Download Evernote From Android Market

18.Flickr:it is the easier application to share the captured pictures. With the flicker you can easily click, edit and share your personal moments with your family, friends and the mates. It provides you the function of editing and much more.

android market

Download Flickr from Android Market

19.Last.fm: it is the one of the best app developed by the android for the mobile phone. Today radio is much important and necessary to get the latest announcements and the government schemes. Also offers you the latest music tracks for the entertainment.

android market

Download Last.fm from Android Market

20.Google Maps Navigation:it is a good navigation system for your journey. It helps you in searching the way. Also it offers these services at free cost by the Google.


Download Google Maps From Android Market

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