50 Best Free Android Apps To Be Downloaded From Android Market (21-30)

Enjoy the third part of my long list of 50 Best free Android Apps (21-30). I hope you enjoyed the two previous list –

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21. 3banana Notes/ Catch Notes: it is the one of the popular app through which the one can easily make and create notes. It is used for making good notes at anytime and thus deserves a place in the list of best free android apps.


Download 3banana Notes From Android Market

22. gvSIG Mini Maps: it is the apps that is developed to view the maps and the road track. It is the most popular by the tourists and the cab drivers to reach the destination.

android market

Download gvSIG Mini From Android Market

23. Astrid Task / To-do list: it is apps that make you to create your list and the notes in your mobile phones. Also, it helps in making schedule book for your schedule.

Dowload Astrid Task From Android Market

24. Shareprice: it is the apps that provide the latest and the new share prices for the purpose of brooking. It gives live share price updates. It is the most likable by the share and the stock brokers.

Download Shareprice From Android Market

25. Skifta: it is the unique kind of the androids apps that make you aware to listen the all music tracks present around you. It streams all your house hold media to your phone.

Download Skifta From Android Market

26. Dropbox: it is the ultimate and the fantastic file sharing android apps developed for the mobile users. With the dropbox you can easily share and transfer the files and folders between the two peoples.

Download Dropbox From Android Market

27. London Tube Status:it is one of the best and the fantastic apps that provide the latest status of the arriving and the departure of the train.

Download London Tube Status From Android Market

28. Amazon UK:Amazon is one of the most highly ranked website for the purpose of the shopping and now it comes with the android. With these apps you can easily do shopping from your mobile from anywhere.

Download Amazon UK From Android Market

29. Meebo IM: it is the online messenger which keeps you online so that you can interact with your friends, with this you can login to various sites like Facebook, Gmail, orkut, twitter etc.

android market

Download Meebo IM From Android Market

30. Beelicious: it is the one of the fantastic apps created by the android. It helps for bookmarking various web pages.

Download Beelicious From Android Market

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