50 Best Free Android Apps To Be Downloaded From Android Market (31-40)

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Best Free Android Apps (31-40)


31. TweetDeck:

It is one of the amazing little applications which link the twitter and the Facebook together at one floor. It provides a interlinking between facebook and twitter.


Download TweetDeck From Android Market

32. iPlayer:

Android has launched its one another wonderful apps with which you can stream the live radio, TV channels. It provides multiplayer features like radio, musicplayer etc.


Download iPlayer From Android Market

33. Google Reader:

It is a google based applications that can read the written texts on Google.

Download Google Reader From Android Market

34. BT FON:

BT is incredibly the fantastic apps that help to use the wi-fi for free in some Areas. It gives you the permission to borrow the Wi-Fi from some areas for the sometime.

Download BT Fon from Android Market

35. Amazon Kindle:

It is the great and amazing apps that enables you to browse the e-reader.it helps you to be linked with your Amazon account. It is one of the amazing way to collect your favorite novels and books.

Download Amazon Kindle From Android Market

36. ES File Explorer:

It is the most amazing and the efficient file explorer for managing files in your mobile phones.

Download ES File Explorer From Android Market

37. Androidify:

It is one of the funny apps with which you can do funny things. It’s an entertainment app that andridify your hairstyles. Then results are share by the twitter.

android market

Download Androidify From Android Market


38. Kongregate Arcade:

It provides great number of gaming applications. So that you can do the fun through the mobile

android market

Download Kongregate Arcade

39. Blogger

It helps in creating, testing and uploading the blogs. With the apps you can edit and upload your blogs directly from your mobile phone.

Download Blogger From Android Market

40. RD Mute:

It lets you to turn all the phone sounds with a single click. It is one of the very useful apps if you are the beginner.

Download RD Mute From Android Market

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