How I get 700+ visits daily from blog commenting, See point #2

Increase Website Traffic . Ohh crap!!! Is you blog also a victim of less traffic?

One of the causes that irritates bloggers the most is that after huge amount of efforts and fantastic content, they are still not able to generate traffic and income from their blogs.

I started my first blog with a great hope and thought that it will get huge amount of traffic and good Adsense earnings but it was easier said than done. I tried my best to increase website traffic. I was very hopeful because I knew how to write good quality articles and keep the visitors happy but after sometime, I understood that only Content can’t do wonders. I was quite disappointed with the traffic of my blog after an year as usually a blog starts getting decent traffic after 365 days, right. It’s traffic was not even 300 daily and I just lost my hope of being a problogeer. 

For the next few months (around 6), I dropped blogging and observed other people’s blog i.e. how do they get traffic and what are their blogging strategies. After 6 months, lots and lots of ideas were there in my mind and I was quite sure that they are gonna be successful. One of those ideas was Blog commenting because I saw many people doing comments on niche blogs and increase website traffic. So I too began the blog commenting technique and soon become an expert commentator . My comments at other webpages were more realistic which thus, helped me to grab huge amount of traffic to my blog. I don’t like to reveal my blogging tactics publicly as I am little selfish too :p, but as I get many mails regarding this, today I am discussing the strategies which I use to get 700+ visits daily by blog commenting.

How To Increase Website Traffic With Blog Commenting

blog commenting

Submit your blog in online directories such as Blogorama

It would not be false to say that blog directories are the key to potential traffic.  You can comment and read great and renowned blogs here. Now you all might be thinking that what’s special in it and why I have featured it on the top. Well mates, the main feature of it is that tons and tons of people are going to see your blog which would help you to get good amount of traffic from it and will make you happy. Other than Blogorama, there are web directories such as My Blog Guest and Alltop.

Never write comments which look spams

If you are just writing the things below as your comments then don’t hope that you are going to get any traffic from it. Check out the words below.

  • Thanks for sharing this with us
  • You’re an awesome writer!
  • Fantastic post
  • You did an amazing job writing this

Why I am telling you not to write such comments?

As such comments looks spam and if the website owner is sensible then don’t keep any hope that they will be approved and if, by chance he/she approves it then it will drive no traffic.

You should always comment like a professional. You can offer suggestions, points, give them other post ideas and much more so that they should feel that you are commenting actively and not just for traffic.

Be regular to the blog

You all might be a commentator just for backlinks from different websites. But we are not here for building backlinks to get good search engine ranks, right. If yes then let’s move further and discuss this tip.

For driving traffic to your blog, it is required for you to become a regular face of that blog. Hmm, that reminds me something that if your gravatar picture is not settled then go now and make set it to make your comments more professional. If the blog is using Disqus, then you can apply for a commentator account to make your profile photo visible. No matter what commenting system does the blog use, but your picture is must. Now let’s come back to the tip i.e. being regular. So, if the blog is using ‘Top Commentator Widget‘ then that would be beneficial for you as  it will make your pic available along with the associate link in sidebar or wherever the owner places the widget.

Read comments of other commentators

Reading comments of other people gives you an idea bout what to write in the comment box. It also begins a conversation which can result very beneficial for you. Also, when you read others’ comments, it shows blog owners that you’re not commenting for the sake of backlinks but because you want to be a part of the community.

Comment only if you have something valuable in your mind

Keep this point always in your mind. Make sure that your comment is reliable, useful and worth sharing, or else it may land in the trash bin of blog owner. Always remember ‘If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’


I hope that you all are not confused but for those who are confused, lemme clarify them that if you having some nuisance comment in your mind which would not be of any value, then you should drop the idea of commenting. You should leave comments on how to increase website traffic, this may help your juniors and newbies to learn. Furthermore, the novice bloggers may follow you if your comments are useful and insightful for them and this can bring you good amount of visits.



  1. says

    Great post!

    I am quite astonished to know that you gain 700+ visitors just by blog commenting. Well, that’s the power of CommentLuv!

    Your post has inspired me to comment more and more, and also comment huge! I would love to enjoy the benefits of blog commenting…..

    I see people becoming someone’s fan just by looking at their comments! I want people to do the same for me!

    • says

      Yes Yashraj but it is not that I leave my comments only on blogs with the CommentLuv plugin and yes, if you will post realistic comments then I am sure that you will also start gaining visits and become popular in the blogosphere!

  2. says

    Hi Divyansh,

    Well said, people always miss understood blog commenting, it’s never for leaving your link their on another blog, it’s about attracting traffic to come back to your blog. You need to write a comment that gives extra information or add to the discussion, you need your comment to create interest in the reader in wanting to know more about you and what you do, only then they will click on your link.

  3. Tanmay Ahmed says

    Don’t try to earn traffic by commenting at another site. This can be harmful. Your blog can lose its faith at Google. Google is important, because you can not earn a good traffic without Google. The commenting can arrange some 100 or 1000 visits but is it enough? Think yourself!

    I am not against the commenting. But comment for your personal authority not for traffic. Just shared. You can ignore my suggestion any time.

  4. says

    Blog Commenting is an art…..Not everybody can do it.
    Now a days, Almost everybody are looking for only backlinks not for attracting others bloggers.

    If we left valuable comment on other’s blogs then there are more chances to get a lots of traffic from there.

    great article indeed!

  5. says

    This is something that people thinks spam technique in current scenario. But the truth is blog commenting is still a great way to gain traffic and some quality links as well. Nice strategical explanation on a forbidden link technique. I liked it.:)

  6. says

    whoah this blog is excellent i really like studying your articles.
    Keep up the good work! You realize, lots of individuals are searching round for
    this information, you could aid them greatly.
    Keisha recently posted..KeishaMy Profile

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