How one of my blog posts went Viral on Social Media within 30 minutes (Part 1)

viral on social media 1Post go viral on social media. Oh yeah guys!!! As I promised, I am here with the guide that helped me to make one of my blog posts go viral on Social Media within 30 minutes!!! Sounds cool, right???

Well, today I literally don’t wanna waste my readers’ time and thus, I am straight to the point today and if you all too wanna be a beneficial man like me from these techniques then quietly sit down on your chairs and carefully read this article, revealing the actual secrets about Viral Content on Social Media!!!

Before beginning with the magical techniques, I would like to mention the post that went Viral on Social Media within 30 minutes and that is…..

How my Mom drives 2k Referral pageviews daily without any Sweat and toil???

I received 150+ likes on that post within 45 minutes and got 47 comments in a day. Though the post is having 400+ likes now!!! Which automatically makes it a viral post!!! So shall we kick start off with these significant techniques???

viral on social mediaviral on social mediaviral on social media

How one of my blog posts went Viral on Social Media within 30 minutes

#1. Don’t be straight-to-the-point

This is the first and foremost and the most important thing a blogger should keep in mind while writing a blog post. Though I am not following this thing in this article, but I always try to give a thoughtful beginning or a thoughtful start to an article.

Guys, do you know what attract the readers most????? That’s is how much thoughtful an article is. Ok lemme give you an example. Suppose you are writing an article on how to root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and if you’ll write the first line something like this:

‘Today I am presenting a guide to root Samsung Galaxy GRAND 2’

Then it doesn’t look nice at all, isn’t it??? You can begin such an article like…

‘Without Rooting, nothing is proceeded nowadays in Android phones’

Or something like that so that after the reading the first line, the reader should think, something interesting is gonna be seen later on in this article,

So I hope you all understood my basic behind this and would apply it on your blog/blogs!!!

#2. Try to write about what you’ve experienced

Yes guys, this may sound quite complicated but it is the truth and the best thing about this is that, no matter if you have a travel blog, a tech blog or a Blogging tips blog, this trick will work in all of them. The thing which I wanna explain here is that


Here, for example, 4 days ago, I wrote a post on, ‘How my mom drive 20k pageviews daily to her blogwhich was a massive hit! I received more than 150 likes on the post within an hour and received 47 comments on the post on a single day, which is not such an easy thing, right?

But the thing that helped me was that it was an honest experience of me and my mom and without much sweat and toil, positive results came out.

For more of such experiences, I too created a category at FWA, namely ‘MY BLOGGING EXPEREINCES’ where I write about all of my honest blogging experiences and to be honest, all of my blog posts, listed in that category, were a huge hit!!!

#3. Have a clear Mindset and concept about your blog post

So, are you set with your latest blog post idea??? Are you having a killer idea in mind but you haven’t started that project??? Well, the thing I practice before starting writing an article is that I create a mindset and concept for the article i.e. I keep each and everything clear in my mind like what I have to write in the post.

Guys, suppose you saw an article online, you think that the topic is very genuine, you search for relevant keywords and within half an hour, you start writing it. Guys, according to my experiences, one should not do this. Once you look for the topic, site down at a place for 15-20 minutes and get everything clear what you’ve to write in the post.

Also, this thing relates to the previous tip I’ve mentioned. If you’re writing an honest experience of yours, your concept is absolutely clear because you’ve felt it all and once you start writing such an experience, it becomes very hard to stop, isn’t it?? 😛

#4. Try to cover the Breaking news from all over the world

Nothing gets more attention from Social Media readers than the breaking news, and if you’re the owner of any brand, then it’s important for you to stay the topper of the game. Also, this trick too works in many kind of niches like Travel, Tech (which is mine), Lifestyle, Bollywood/Hollywood, etc. If you’re running a travel blog, then you can write about the latest travel happenings, like automobile launches, car/train/airplane crashes. If you’re running a tech blog, then write about the latest Android/Windows/iOS gadgets, huge online purchases, etc. And the same goes with Lifestyle and Bollywood blogs, right?

Getting in front of the story with your take on things is an excellent way to be included in the global conversation.

But the issue with this trick is that it is very difficult to find the news that trends on Social Media. For this purpose, you can use social media itself!!! Especially Twitter, but the website I use to know about the latest tech happenings is and trust me, nothing is better than it to find the latest happenings all around the world.

As people love discussing in real time about the latest happenings, by being the conversation starter it could increases the chances of your content being shared. Always be on the look-out for your industry related news and be the first few to break it out to your readers.

Final Words

So here were the 4 magical tricks, out of which, I used 3 tricks I used to make my blog post go viral on Social Media (the 1st, 2nd and 3rd one). But the story is still left guys, because soon I am gonna present the 2nd part of this project which would conclude with the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th techniques to make a blog post go viral on Social Media!!! Stay tuned for further updates. Post go viral on social media.


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      Lemme Clear your Doubts Suprabhat. This was the reason why Meta title function was also made. To get Social Traffic, you can put attractive post heading and to get organic traffic, you can use the relevant keywords in the Post Meta title.

      Result = Organic + Social Traffic.

  1. says

    This is indeed a great list of tips. Social media is a very logical medium to get traffic especially when one has done the right thing.

    I love your first point on not been direct. I have a friend that when he tries to share his latest post, you will surely be attracted to to read his post. One should not just post the link or the title of the blog, there should be an incentive to click.

    Another point is deeper knowledge of what you know. It is very essential to convince people you know about thing and you will be known for that aspect.

    The aspect of breaking news is also a good way buy sometimes difficult. On twitter it is very easy, as you check the trending tags. Likewise Google+.

    Thanks for sharing the post. Do have a nice time.

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