Tips from Experts ~ 10 blogging experts sharing their Blogging Strategies

Guys, you all are my loyal readers and I really don’t wanna hide anything from you. To be honest, I am witnessing a huge visit dropdown at my blog nowadays and thus, I am reading some traffic-increasing articles on various blogs. Still, I am not becoming successful in grabbing my traffic back to my side. That is the reason why I decided to contact some of the Blogging Experts and put up all their blogging techniques together so that the bloggers who are suffering from the problem of less traffic, alike me, could start gaining some traffic and money on their blog/blogs. So let us see what our experts wanna say on the latest blogging techniques.

blogging experts

Experts I’ll feature today

1. Anand Khanse from

Anand Khanse

Anand Khanse aka HappyAndyK is a Microsoft MVP since 2006, and an end-user Windows enthusiast. He enjoys Windows Troubleshooting, Optimization and Customization. He is the Admin of The Windows Club, The Geeks Club and WinVistaClub. He has done his MBA and operates a business which is his full-time activity. Blogging about Windows is a passion for him which he has acquired in the last 8 years or so. A family man at heart, he looks forward to traveling every year with his family to various locales around the world.

2. Harleena Singh from

Harleena Singh

Harleena Singh is a positive thinker and a freelance writer. She loves to write inspiring and thought provoking posts on self-improvement, family, relationships, health, and other aspects of life. She’s not another personal development guru, but just an average person with great life experiences. She’s also a blogger, who loves to share her blogging knowledge and experiences.

3. Chitraparna Sinha from

Chitraparna Sinha

Chitraparna Sinha is a freelance content development veteran, crafting her success story since 2008, living off the online writing industry and helping others in their journey.

Esmee Network is a site dedicated to budding freelance writers and online businesses seeking to create and publish content.

4. Imran Uddin from

Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin is the founder of All Tech Buzz, a popular tech blog dedicated for Geeks and Bloggers. You can follow me on Facebook or you can connect with me on Twitter @Imran_ATB, Follow me on Google Plus

5. Vinay Goud from

Vinay Goud

Vinay Goud creator and owner of  All Tech Tricks. He is interested in writing articles about Android, Gadgets, Softwares, Youtube and many more….apart from blogging  He is pursuing B.E a part of his academics.

6. Reginald Chan from

Reginald Chan

Reginald started blogging in 2005 and it soon went from just a hobby to a serious occupation. He specializes in content writing, marketing, social media and SEO. He also tweaks WordPress during his free time. Reginald is also offering paid services and if you need any help, feel free to contact him through his blog.

7. Shiwangi Peswani from

Shiwangi Peswani

Shiwangi is a qualified writer and a blogger, who loves to dabble with and write about computers. While focusing on and writing on technology topics, her varied skills and experience enables her to write on any topics which may interest her. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software, and being careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware is recommended.

8. Krishna Moorthy from

Krishna Moorthy D

Hey, I’m Krishna Moorthy D an Infopreneur and a Blogger from Cochin,Kerala.I’m in deep relationship with Blogging ,SEO and Make Money Online Stuffs.You can see my Works at

9. Bishal Biswas from

Bishal Biswas

Bishal Biswas – a Young Entrepreneur and SEO Analyst. Awarded and honored by West Bengal Govt. and Science & Technology and several other organizations. You could contact him via email: |

10. Gilbert Samuel from

Gilbert Samuel

Gilbert is a young entrepreneur and Viralwriter is a platform where he share tips on making your blog go viral. Feel free to know more about him.

Now, let us begin with the techniques these experts wanna share:

Anand Khanse

Hi Divyansh, I think it’s amazing that you have started blogging about technology, at the age of 12. Generally speaking, I think as a blogger, it would be to one’s advantage if you were to focus on a niche. Use a good blogging platform and a good easy-to-read theme. Moreover, blog consistently and use good English. Take care of the ad placements and don’t let it spoil the user experience.

Moving on to the advice, all I would like to say is that Don’t blog to make money. Blog to build a reputation. Money and recognition will follow.

Many waste time looking at their traffic stats and earnings every day. Don’t waste too much of your time looking for SEO shortcuts to get quick traffic. Focus on content, blog consistently, deliver interesting content and don’t give up.

Hope these tips will work for the newbie bloggers


Anand Khanse

Harleena Singh

Hi Divyansh,

Thanks for asking about the latest blogging techniques. I’d assume that you’re well acquainted with the other blogging techniques used in the recent times.

All I’d say is that I feel there’s nothing completely new – it’s just tweaking and improving the old techniques that can work for any blogger.

The most effective blogging technique is to write quality and compelling content. With the latest Google updates, you need to make it more relevant, coherent, and helpful.

Remember, just sprinkling the keywords won’t do the task anymore as it used to earlier. Now, you need to build your article on the foundation of your post title and use the keywords as bricks, strengthening them using the semantic keyword phrases.

Also, mention and link to influencers as well as authority posts and sites in your blog post, and take the conversation to Google+. And lastly, don’t play any tricks or use any black hat techniques – Google is smarter than before.

So, the latest blogging techniques appear in three colors – Golden (content), White (hat), and ever Green (topics)! Very much like the colors of the flag of India.

I hope it helps.



Chitraparna Sinha

Though not a blogging expert, 3 years into this field has taught me few things. Latest or not, email list building should be the primary goal for a blogger. Whether the goal of the blog is to sell in-house products, affiliate products or any kind of services, an active email list generates recurring revenue. Nurture the interest of the subscribers. Don’t communicate only when you have something to sale, that’s not a recommended practice. Secondly, strive to write pillar articles.

Pillar articles rank better and have higher content longevity. If this means publishing every one or two weeks, it’s perfectly fine. Don’t compromise on content quality, that is, relevant, knowledge, information and actionable. Spend 30% of time in content development and 70% of the time in content promotion, which is the most difficult and rigorous part. While multiple traffic streams are good, focus your energy on one traffic strategy at a time.



 Imran Uddin

My latest blogging strategy is being consistent and come up with some sort of unique stuff like case studies, infographics and videos. Along with this I understand search engines especially google algorithms well so that I can rank above all my competetors. Also have multiple sources of traffic, don’t always depend on single source of traffic.

Vinay Goud

Techniques? I can say there is no such things in blogging! Only SEO Can do miracles. Yes! Whether its a white hat or black hat its SEO ! See if you are trying to rank any website in google means you are doing something which is against . Fine my suggestion for every one is just improve your knowledge day by day. This help you to get succes soon. Form your own team and dont be like a one man army ! A team has more power then a single man. Share your knowledge !!

Thanks to Divyansh Peswani


Vinay Goud

All Tech Media

Reginald Chan

When Divyansh asked me to contribute in this topic, I know I couldn’t say no to. He is just too good for a superb young blogger.

When it comes to latest blogging technique, I would say don’t do the ‘old school’ methods. This means that you use various methods to spoon feed your readers.

Imagine a working adult or a college student. They are NOT going to be able to read your uber long post. So, creating various methods like podcasts, videos, sldies and even PDF’s are great ways to get them to (literally) read your blog.

Here’s an example of mine. The Art of Blogging for Beginner is 1,333 words long. While it is my usual blog length, many of my readers are only reading the starting and ending part of the blog. So what I did was to integrate podcast, downloadable PDF and a few high definition images to boost readers.

The outcome? Off the charts!


Reginald Chan

Shiwangi Peswani

I am not a blogging expert but since divyansh insisted, I would like to share a few things I have learnt from my favorite bloggers. I strongly believe in the concept of three C’s

  • Content- Post awesome content in your blog and yes you have to be awesome to stand out. Write for the users and not for the search engines. It does not matter how many words you write in a post, as long as the content is unique and a quality one. Research on what questions people are currently asking and answer their questions. These tips will give you organic traffic.
  • Connections- Making good connections and being active on social media is equally important. Make good connections with leading bloggers as well as with your audience. This will bring referral traffic to your blog.
  • Convert – When you start getting enough traffic try converting your visitors into your subscribers. Give those visitors a solid reason to subscribe you. This will increase revenue J

Lastly I would like to say that time is our biggest asset and one has to use it efficiently to catalyze the growth. It’s not just about blogging, one has to learn “Time Management” to be successful. To sum up, you cannot be efficient until you are organized.

Krishna Moorthy

If someone is asking me about the new blogging techniques I’ll say the best method and that’s nothing but “Be Unique” always try to write some unique and useful articles becuase writing on a single topic again and again sucks.

Learn the current trends of SEO and understand how the new google algorithm works.That’s going to help you a lot in improving the SERP ranks.  You may be getting massive traffic from social media but keep in mind at anytime you can get a heart attack because you just can’t always rely on Social Media so concentrate more on your backlink profile and SERP ranks.


Krishna Moorthy D


Bishal Biswas

Question – Blogging Strategy:

Blogging isn’t just about making money online, nor even one should blog for fame. It is about sharing thoughts and motivating others through the inspirational articles that is been written and published in a blog. Apart from it, to say –

Success = Solid Strategy + Quality Content + Effective Promotion.

It isn’t that you need to hire an expert, nor even you do require to write a book about your plannings, just an outline of it can be great. By the term quality, I do mean – Write contents that is valuable for readers, have a great and unique writing style which can ultimately led an impact on your reader’s mind. On should also do effective promotion, in order to get huge expose.

Google and it’s algorithms are getting viral day out, however on can dominate it, by having Solid Foundation of Great Articles, and that’s the way to success.



Gilbert Samuel

Grab some attention with something outstanding!

And how do you go about this? Quality Content!

Write something that’ll make visitors totally absorbed, this will make them come back to your blog with their cup of coffee to read more of your content. In the process of them doing this, give them an offer they can’t afford to resist and on getting the promised “premium” information for free, they simultaneously become a subscriber.

How did I achieve this? I designed a homepage which helps me collect subscribers, designed an optin form on my sidebar and at the end of the post area. Whenever visitors read the content on the blog, they’ll be willing to subscribe to your blog for more updates.

  • Quality content generates you traffic –  Writing an atomic bomb out of your blog post
  • Optin forms fetch you subscribers.
  • An attractive and colorful optin form doubles the rate of signups.
  • Product or information worth $$$ offered for free does the rest.
  • Email marketing makes the day

Remember, the money is in the list


  1. says

    Hey mate,

    Thanks for the include. And hey, I saw some of my blogging mates here!

    Looking good (plus superb listing) too.

    Keep that up!

  2. says

    I found out three important things from this article
    1) Content is king
    2) Know Google algorithm
    3) Get more subscribers and also promote articles.
    Let’s make a try of these stuffs. And also am thinking to use white hat.

  3. says

    I’m in learning stage now and these pro-bloggers just inspire me in every direction.. Thanks for posting this. Cheers!!

  4. says

    Its a wonderful epic post and one thing I noted in views of all of them. They all advise not to run after money just chase it at its due time.
    First develop a strong foundation of your blog with huge traffic and decent amount of loyal visitors and then become authority in your niche so that money will itself follow you on the contrary.
    This is the gist of blogging if one gets it correctly.
    It is good to earn money with your blog but it is not good to just try to earn money with it. This is called branding.
    This is called client service reputation. This is called goodwill. Once you develop your blog as a brand to help your readers in a given niche they will not hesitate to buy your offerings of products and services.
    Once again thanks a lot Divyansh Peswani for working too much hard to compile this post with worth following views of these awesome bloggers.
    PS: I salute your truthfulness I observed at the beginning of this post and can say for sure that you are going to be great person in future. Keep this spirit up always and ever. 🙂

  5. says

    To all the bloggers who said quality is king :

    1.When someone adds a little bit of extra information to your articles on their website, build back links to it and when you see them ranking on top of you in Google then you will feel that your strategy was wrong !

    2.Then you guys will move on to social submission, social network promotion, building links and after few days you will yell that Google has penalized your blog.

    3.Then you will waste money and go for SEO tools to recover from the penality and pay experts for teaching SEO for you.

    4.They teach you “Spamming” in the name of “SEO” and Finally you will understand after such a long time that “Spamming” works everywhere.

    5.You will FAIL because you still think that content is king and your heart is not going to let you do the spamming and at the end you will post negative reviews about your SEO teacher.

    Now tell me what is the King doing?

    When you guys are going to wake up ?

  6. says

    Hi Divyansh,

    You are really doing a good job at an age, when most are glued to their smartphones or the social media. You are definitely on a ‘list of bloggers to watch in future’. 😉

    All the best!

  7. Sanjay Arora (Sanju) says

    Divyansh u have computer in 6th grade, When I was in 6th grade I even don’t know what is computer…

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