How I boosted up Alexa Rankings of my blog from 1,000k to 50k in 2 months

Oh yes!!! Guys, do you know that recently, I got my Alexa 50k which was the major mission in my blogging life. I got my Alexa under 50k a week ago only but due to my Ajmer trip, so I was not able to discuss the strategies I used of this mission (as all the bloggers do). I got this blog as a gift from the actual founder, Shiwangi peswani, on 21st January, around 3 and a half months ago and at that time, its Alexa was 1 lakh or 1,000 k and now, after 2 months, it is 50k which was quite appreciated by almost all the bloggers and I got quite popular in the blogosphere. Today, I am going to discuss the top 5 techniques I used to bring FindWebApp’s Alexa from 1,000k to 48k.


1st: I installed ‘Alexa Rank’ Plugin on my blog

As I told you earlier, boosting Alexa rankings of my blog was my first blogging aim and I was always very curious to know how renowned blogs decreased their Alexa so instantly. So, I went on Search Engines and researched a lot and wherever I went, the first tip I saw was to install the ‘Alexa Rank Widget’ on the blog and I, thus, followed that tip. When I installed that widget, my alexa was around 300k and within 3 weeks, it came under 100k!!! So you see, how useful and important this plugin is.

2nd: I made quality backlinks on other high authority blogs by commenting

As I started my ‘50K Alexa Mission’, the second thing I did was to make blog commenting a hobby, which should honestly be the hobby of every blogger. This is a secret tool I use regularly to increase my blog’s traffic and authority. When we comment on High Authority blogs, it makes it easy to boost Alexa Rankings of your blog. Also, if the blog is enabled with CommentLUV plugin, then it is better than the best!

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3rd: I Tried to increase my blog’s traffic

You should try to make some quality content on your blog and do its promotion highly. This will ultimately become the main source of your blog’s traffic and your Alexa ranking will boost to a great extent, for sure!! So, if you want on a one line explaination for this term (which would surely not be an explanation as they are never only of 6-7 words :P) then I must say ‘The more the quality content, the more the traffic’.

4th: I Joined various blogging communities

One of the main reasons for the change in my blog’s Alexa Rankings is the top blogging communities. I became a member of the world’s top blogging communities like BlogEnage, IndiBlogger, Klinkk and many more!! I shared all my blog posts in these communities along with a nice and professional description for the attraction of much and much bloggers and web masters. My experiment of joining such communities is a great success and resulted in a great improvement in my blog’s traffic, rankings and Earnings!!!

5th: Submit your blog/website in online directories

Blog directories store websites in themselves categorized in different categories. One of the major techniques of building backlinks, and boost Alexa rankings, I used was to submit my blog in online directories such as Technorati. You will see the rapid improvements in your blog’s traffic and Alexa rankings, once your blog is approved for them. It will not only boost Alexa Rankings of your blog, but will too offer quality backlinks!!! Isn’t it a great offer? So surf now, and join directories like Technorati and Boing Boing.


  1. says

    Good one divyansh alexa is an important factor to get advertisers these days and boosting traffic and social signals really helps in boosting the alexa rank

  2. Akhilesh Singh says

    Divyansh, the techniques which you have listed here are very effective! I read your post in the morning and started using your tips. As you know hat Alexa gets updated regularly and with the help of ur tips, my blog’s alexa boosted up to 2k in a day!!! Thanks again for such a valuable blog post

  3. says

    Divyansh, saw your article in Facebook. I must say your writing skill is very unique.

    Just want to know which “Alexa Rank Widget” you are talking about ? is it like a widget from Alexa ? as far as I know Alexa discontinued review widget. If you are talking about wordpress alexa widget, then which one you have personally used in your blog ? there are many wordpress widget to showcase your alexa rankings. Is there any particular widget which is much more effective than others ?

    Thanks for the help ..

    • says

      Kushal bro, firstly thanks for appreciating my blog post. Secondly, there is a plugin named ‘Alexa Rank Widget’. I have given the link to that plugin and that only I am using on my blog.

  4. says

    Hi Divyansh,

    First of all i would like to congratulation on the achievement which truly show how dedicated you are to blogging. I am doing all of these tips expect installing the Alexa Rank widget, I should try this out and let you know how that works for me. Thanks for sharing your tips and wishing you more success.

    • says

      Thanks Qasim. Qasim, installing the Alexa Rank widget on my blog was the greatest technique for the boost in my blog’s Alexa rank. For that, I just wanna thank Imran sir’s article on from where I got to know about this awesome widget.

  5. says

    Hello Divyansh,

    About thing I am sure, huge traffic will increase a blog’s alexa rank and if Alexa widget is also on blog. Then, you can see 3x increase in your blog’s alexa rank! #Experience

    Informative article, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. says

    Some great tips to boost Alexa rankings, Divyansh.
    Bloggers and webmasters are more likely to have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser,
    so having them visiting your blog regularly will dramatically increase your rankings.
    Thanks for including Klinkk in your list, much appreciated!

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