Why should you buy Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer which is very famous among coders and programmers. It is one of the Latest Computer Gadgets too


You can get Raspberry Pi for as low as $35. You might be thinking that what are capabilities of this $35 compute and what can you do with it?


The answer to this question is pretty simple. The possibilities of uses of Raspberry Pi are endless. You can even discover new uses of Raspberry Pi as it is a computer!


Let us take a look at the common uses of Raspberry Pi.


Web Browsing


This is the simplest use of Raspberry Pi. You can use it to surf social media websites or even watch videos on the web flawlessly without any hassle.


If you want to give to browse the internet at a cheap cost then Raspberry Pi can definitely get the job done. You can also gift to your children so that it will be easy for them to complete their school projects or they can even use it as an entertainment source.


Basic computer


Yes, you can even use Raspberry Pi as your Basic computer that can fulfil your basic needs. This is the most common use of Raspberry Pi. You can buy a bunch of Raspberry Pi’s for a school where you teach students about basic computing, Microsoft tools etc.


This will help students to learn things at a cheap budget. You can even use the computer at your home for browsing, typing and other activities that you can access by a low-specs computer.


All you need to do is Connect monitor, mouse and keyboard with it. Once you have connected all of these things then you will be ready to access Raspberry Pi and use it as a Basic computer for basic needs.




It is even possible to use your Raspberry Pi to do tasks like Programming or Coding. Even it is a very famous tool among Programmers and coders.


This will allow you to do programming or coding on a very low budget which is a great thing. So, even if you want to start/learn programming or coding then you can do that using Raspberry Pi.


There are thousands of Programmers who are still using Raspberry Pi for Programming.


Build a Server


Building a Server with the help of Raspberry Pi is not a bad idea. You can build Webs servers where you can share hostings of different websites.


You can even create storage servers. It stores the files online and then accesses to them on the same network.


Creating a server through Raspberry Pi is a really easy process. You can add files to the storage and then share the link with the person whom you want to send the prize and he will be able to download the file after accessing the link.


It is very similar to what we have seen In Google Drive.


Retro Gaming Console


You can even build a console which is capable of playing classic Retro games on it through Raspberry Pi.


These Retro Gaming Console can be a very fun console for playing old games flawlessly.


It will be capable of running old games that supports low-end specs Computers. Some of the example spf such games are Mario, Contra etc.


You will be able to enjoy all these classic games again by creating a Retro Gaming Console through Raspberry Pi.


Super Portable Computer


Now, this is the most advanced or most futuristic use of Raspberry Pi. You can actually connect a touch screen display to it and you can give it power through a power bank to use it anytime on the go.


These Displays usually costs a very high amount but you can search Best Raspberry Pi starter kits where you will get a touch screen, memory card and other important things to get started with Raspberry Pi. Hundreds of such Starter Kits are available on the internet.


You can take this tiny computer to any place where computers/laptops are not allowed which is a very useful thing.




These were some of the common uses of Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi gives you Endless possibilities so using it correctly can make your objectives successful.


It is a great decision to invest a small amount in Raspberry Pi instead of spending 10× more money on a computer for beginning stage.


Raspberry Pi is so powerful that it can let you create robots too.


If you are getting started with Programming/coding/hacking then Raspberry Pi will be the best option because you should not invest a high amount in the beginning stage.


You can check the reviews of Raspberry Pi on Amazon for further information.


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