ATTENTION!!! This boy started when He was 10 and is today an Online Star!!!

Oh yeah guys!!! It’s time to get FWA back on the track and proceed with my ‘ONLINE INSPIRATION’ section exclusively at my blog. As per my previous Inspiration, I presented Arjun, a 13-year old programmer and web designer, running his own Technology solution company namely LateraLogics and today, I am presenting a guy quite similar to him. Today, in my blog’s inspiration section, I am presenting Maadhav Saxena, a 14 year boy, who started when he was 10 and is today an Online Star.

Previously, I wrote about Arjun from my own hands after some unsuccessful attempts of contacting him but since, Maadhav Saxena is my very good online friend and I can contact him. He himself quoted all of his online experiences till now in form of a story. So, are you all excited to see what Maadhav Saxena wanna bring up here today????

Well, let’s kick start off with the inspiration story of the Second guest of our ‘ONLINE INSPIRATION’ section!!!

Who is Maadhav Saxena???

I am a tech loving teen who loves android and writing on stuff related to it. I have a soft-place for new gadgets in my heart and photography just sits beside that!

Maadhav’s online story from 2000-2014

Here is an in-depth story from the hands of Maadhav Saxena itself!!! Excited for it, right. Well have a look at it and check whether he is the one idol you were looking for???

I have been using internet since I was 6 years old. That means in 2006 i first time opened internet and like every other child I used to play online games on it :p . During that time Ibibo and Orkut were the famous social networking sites in India. I used to play  many social games on Ibibo but soon get bored with them. After an year I got to know that there is a game called Farmville on Facebook. I asked my Dad to open it but he said that I am very young to use Facebook. So he just allowed me to play the game using my mother’s account. I loved the game a lot and learned to use Facebook properly.

By 2008 I was allowed to make a Facebook account and then I made one 😀 i was really happy that I was having my own FB Account and I can add anyone I want and other stuff. The time passed and i was getting bored by playing Farmville i was on the level 800 and then i thought to give it a break. I started my social life then, added some friends who used to play Farmville most of them were foreigners. One day one of my friend told me about a bot of farmville by which we can get many coins, cash and other stuff and then I stepped into the world of FV bot. Not many people knew about this bot so i made a group where I used to share a lot of FV rewards for free for which you have to pay in the game but because of the bot I used to get them for free. That group became so popular that it had more than 78k members. I added some more people who knew how to use the bots as it was difficult to manage the group again.

We were going so fast that I though our group should have a site, so I thought to make one. I came up with many easy to use Website builders and then made a site using it. It was cool looking site with lots of gifs and stuff but still I couldn’t satisfy myself with it.

Time passed and it was the year 2010, I left that group due to some reasons and I got attracted to the world of technology and the main thing which caught my eye was the Photoshop. I was amazed by the thing we could do in Photoshop. I saw many tutorials and got some awesome skills in photo editing and retouching. The first photo i edited was of a person with many wrinkle but with photoshop i removed all of his wrinkles and uploaded it on my Facebook account and if you check my FB account you will see that pic in my album! Time passed i got really good in photo editing and retouching and i thought to make my own youtube channel and post photo editing videos in it. I made many videos and published it and they even got some decent views.

I got around 400 subs on my photo editing channel and i was happy with it. One day, a person commented that ‘you need to have a good video intro to make your videos look good.’ And i thought that what are actually Video intros? I searched the internet and got to know. I tried many online premade templates to make intros. I made one but many people had similar intros so i thought to make a unique one. I searched how to make 3D intros and then saw many tutorials and came up with a 3D animation software called ‘Maya’. I was excited to learn that software but its size was 2GB and at that time I used to use 2G internet and I think you can guess how many days it would have taken to download the software

It was the year 2012,  I dropped my Youtube channel and began to play games online again the time passed and one day one of my friend posted about his blog. I asked him that can I he put my name on his website. He told me that I need to work on his site to get my name there. He asked me to write articles for his site. And that was the moment I stepped into the blogging world

I got a job as an author on a tech blog but at that time I didn’t like to write articles so i used to copy them and give them to the owner :p the owner was also new so he used to accept those articles without checking them and I got my name on his site as an author. I thought that I became very famous as I got my name on internet and I worked on that site for a long time.

I got a high speed internet with 2MBPS speed and then i thought to download Maya that animation software to make my own 3D animations I spent my whole summer vacation to learn Maya and at the end i made 5-6 short animations. I was bored with Maya too so i thought to go back to that site again but my bad luck that site was closed due to some reasons. So I continued with Maya.

It was mid of 2012, One of my friend Ujjwal Kumar started a new blog and I asked him to become author on his site. His site was running on wordpress which was totally new to me. But he was kind enough to teach me everything. On the first blog I used to work for free because I didnt knew that we get money for these articles. It was Ujjwal Kumar only who told me that we get money for this stuff. I wrote many articles for him and I wanted to start my own blog. So i asked him to give me a domain of my choice instead of money and actually he gave me a domain!

I left droidextra,org to work on my own blog. I didnt knew anything about wordpress but Ujjwal taught me everything. I got to know that to start a blog over WordPress we need to buy hosting and for that I was not having money at all. So i started on Blogger. I started to post pirated games and software on the blog with my friend and we used to get lot of traffic but actually that wasn’t a good thing according to my friend and I couldn’t call it a blog. So we deleted all the posts and started to post new and good articles which were not copied.

By the mid of 2013 I polished my skills alot and then left my blog and focused on content writing as I thought that there was more money in it. Now its 2014 I am working with some great blogs as content writer but missing those old days.

That was all my internet journey till 2014. Now who knows what I would be doing in upcoming 5 years J.


Maadhav Saxena’s passions



As I am a blogger, I love to blog. Due to my passion of blogging, currently i have around 3 sites and they are just like my home on internet!



Tech is the thing which I love after my family. And if we talk about tech, the thing which comes to my mind are Mobile Phones, Although I don’t own one, but if I would own then I will only own Nexus 5



Photography is another thing which has been sitting in my heart since I got a camera. I am not a professional photographer but some of my photos look like professionals



Books are the one which always attracts me towards them. Although I don’t read much of them but when I do, I don’t leave them before 2 hours.

Maadhav’s Current project

However Maadhav is not professionally hired by any blog or an internet marketer, the boy is nowadays is looking for a freelancing job and has started this project and not only freelancing but the young guy have just expertise Coding and has left his experience by designing the design of his blog. Eager to know it??? You can have a glance of it exclusively at

Final Words from the Author’s desk

So here was an inspiration post about Maadhav Saxena and I hope that it was enough enjoyable and inspiring for you to start your online career without the excuses that ‘I am too young and can’t manage at this age’. Guys, for this, you should have a look at me, Maadhav and Arjun.

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    Wow… 10 years old… when i was 10 i know nothing about computers thought computers came later then that… It’s for sure a big motivation for me.. i wish i would have started blogging and internet marketing in my teens… Thanks Divyansh for bringing such a motivational story forward and eagerly waiting for next such motivational Interview you mention in ur reply to Mohit’s comment above..
    Rajni Rastogi recently posted..How to make money from your SmartphoneMy Profile

  2. Maadhav Saxena says

    Thanks Divyansh 😉
    I am really thankful that I got featured on your esteemed publications!
    And thanks to all who appraised me 🙂
    It means a lot for me!

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