How to Compress images within 3 seconds or less with Caesium

High resolution images always provide great resolution and user experience but the major problem in such images is that they take huge amount of space in PCs and also, they take lots of time when they are tried to be uploaded on Social Networks or on any other website. Now, the issue here is that one needs compact sized images too along with high resolution.

In such a case, the only solution that comes out is Image Compressing. Though you’ll find thousands on Image Compressing software online hardly 2 or 3 of them will compress them up to 99% percent but today I am bringing a fabulous tool out of those 2 or 3 that can help you to easily compress high resolution images into compact sizes of your choice and the name of that revolution is Caesium.

Caesium is a fantastic tool that can help you to compress images up to 90% and the beneficial point here is that you won’t see any visual loss in the image, only the change in size.


Another benefit of Caesium is that it also helps to get lot of free space in you hard disk. Also, compressed and smallysized images can be attached to the email faster or uploaded to a social network with ease.

The only drawback I felt in this tool was that the iOS users would not be able to  feel the benefits of Caesium and one doesn’t require any designing knowledge to compress the images.

Features of Caesium

Wide Range of Image Files: It supports a wide range of file format and can compress and save image files in various formats such as JPG, PNG, JPEG, WMF or BMP.

Bulk Compressing: With Caesium, you can also compress the images in bulk. The new image size quality changes and the output folder can be set induvidually also.

Instant Preview: Caesium helps you to preview the compressed images before saving them. The preview comes in the right corner of the Caesium window which helps you to get a quick glimpse of the compressed image.

How to Use Caesium?

Here is a step-by-step guide by which you can easily compress any image with Caesium.

Step 1: In your Caesium window, go to the top left corner and select File > Add pictures to add the picture you want to compress.

caesium 1

Step 2: From there, click on ‘RESIZE’ and set the width and height for the image.

caesium 2

Step 3: After setting the image, select the output folder in which you want the compressed image to get downloaded.

caesium 3

Step 4: Lastly, click on ‘COMPRESS!’ and your work is done!!!!

caesium 4

Download Caesium Windows Freeware


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