CottageMed : electronic health records software review and free download

CottageMed is a free software which helps in management of medical practice, electronic medical and health records (EMR) and (EHR), prescription of medicine and billing. CottageMed was founded in the year 1999. It has its user all around the world. New features are being added to the software each year and the developers are keep on developing the application for better use and. The concept of Filemaker was used for the creation of CottageMed.


Filemaker, also known as database platform is similar to MS-Access in many ways. Windows and MAC OS are the two operating systems on which Filemaker runs. The license for Filemaker is quite much expensive i.e. $200 for only one machine. One can also purchase multilevel licenses or license for academic purposes can also be purchased.

The doctors in US use CottageMed, and several uses are:-

  • 2 step Registration process of patients
  • The hard copy of the bill can be converted into soft copy in form of electronic mail by using the software
  • Advanced and powerful search system that can be applied on all fields
  • It  can be integrated with the applications which are being used by the user
  • Wireless Support available

 Download electronic health records software CottageMed


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