Create your own Google Chrome app (Simple Guide)

Today, I was just going through my favourite blog, and there, I found an extremely easy guide to write a Google Chrome app, after going through the post, I could not resist myself to post this how-to on my blog. Before today, I haven’t written any apps or extensions but after creating one, I realized that it is very easy to do and one can create a Google app in less than 5 minutes.

chrome app

The chrome app written by me adds an icon in Chrome’s New Tab page that takes you to the associated website upon clicking, just like a bookmark.

Chrome is the most used web browser worldwide and it thus makes perfect sense to have some sort of a presence in the Chrome Store. You must have the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills to create a chrome app, and not even chrome but every app.

Create a Google chrome app for your blog within 5 minutes

It is quiet easy to create a chrome app. All you have to do is to download the sample in your PC or laptop, extract it and open the manifest.json in any text editor like MS-Word or Notepad (here’ I am using notepad). Then, you have to make a several changes in the file.

Add the name of your website in the 2nd line; add a 2-3 lines description of your website in the 3rd line. (NOTE- the description should not be of more than 132 characters). Then, replace the with your website URL in the 5th and 7th line. Make sure that the owners of these websites have verifired their ownership from Google Webmaster Tools.

Save the manifest file. Then, using MS-Paint or Adobe Photoshop, create a 128×128 pic of your website logo. Save the logo in the same folder along with Manifest.json. you can use the default PNG image present in the file also to save time.

Publish your app in the Google Chrome store

Our chrome app is now ready and we just have to publish it in the Chrome store. To publish it, you have to create a new zip file with those 2 files.

Then go to Chrome dashboard — Upload the zip file. On the next screen, choose the category of your app, add the description of your website, some screenshots, select the default language and publish it!

Then go to the Chrome Dashboard and upload your zip file. On the next screen, choose a category for your app (I picked News => Blogs), add a detailed description (will help in SEO), some screenshots, pick a default language and publish your app. That’s it.


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