How to delete Multiple Bookmarks from Google Chrome

Delete Multiple Bookmarks from Google. Browsing information on Internet have today become one of the biggest source of information today. I’m sure that if you are a regular internet user, then you might have plenty of bookmarks (like me) as we are often not able to get something that we want at the same time, so we bookmark it. But slowly, as the bookmarks increase, our headache increases as it slows your internet speed to a great extent. It is too quite boring to delete a bookmark one by one, so today, I am bringing a simple guide to delete multiple bookmarks from Google Chrome (using Chrome here as most of the users use Google only as a search engine, alike me!) I hope that you all might be unknown to this guide, but trust me, it is extremely simple and useful too.

Delete Multiple Bookmarks from Google Chrome

  •  Click on the ‘Customize and Control’ option of Chrome Chrome menu. Focus on the Bookmark option and select the ‘Bookmark Manager’. (Use can use Shift+Ctrl+O keyboard selection to go directly to the Bookmark Manager.)


  • In the left side of the window you will see some Bookmark folders. Select the folder of which you want to delete the bookmarks (I am using my normal folder here

Bookmarks 1

  • Click on the Ctrl key and Select the bookmarks you wanna delete. You can use the Ctrl+A selection to select all the bookmarks.

bookmarks 2

  • Click on the delete button then

I hope all of you have found this guide simple and easy. You can leave your thoughts or queries in the comment box below. They will be replied instantly. Delete Multiple Bookmarks from Google.

Over to you!


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