How To Disable The Facebook Timeline And Return To Older Facebook Interface

Do you like Facebook Timeline, have you ever thought for a way to  Disable The Facebook Timeline ? I do, but I remember when I first implemented in on my Facebook profile, I hated It. Everything seemed to be messed up to me when I started using the facebook timeline, even my friends list was so hard to manage.

remove facebook timeline

But now I am quite habitual with it and can also rearrange facebook friends and I am fine with it now.

Facebook Timeline though has many irritating things like the facebook ticker and the facebook locations but do you know that you can also disable the facebook ticker and remove the facebook locations in just a few steps.

However, there are certain good features also in the new facebook timeline, for example you can change the facebook layout, and you can also add the great web extensions to your facebook profile like Facebook smileys extensions etc.

Seeing my numerous posts based on Facebook, one of my readers asked me that if we can Disable The Facebook Timeline or not?

So I am here with the solution for him on how to Disable The Facebook Timeline.            

If you want to remove facebook timeline you just need to install a browser extension and you can be with your old facebook profile in just a few minutes.

Steps To Disable The Facebook Timeline

  • First of all download and install the extension Here. You can get the extension for every browser Here
  • As you install this extension in your browser you will see a Timeline Remove icon on the top right of your browser.remove facebook timeline
  • Yes, trust me you have disabled the irritating facebook timeline. Facebook timeline removed
  • Refresh your facebook page and you can see your old facebook interface.

The best part is that if ever you feel that you need the facebook timeline again, (which I know you will surly feel) you just need to disable and remove the extension from your browser settings, and you are back with the extensively featured facebook timeline. 

facebook timeline back

There are posts in many leading blogs saying that Facebook Timeline is mandatory now, and you cannot return back to the old facebook interface. But look how wrong that is. You can return to the older Facebook interface in just a few minutes.

Hope my post helped the reader who asked me this question and millions of other people searching for a way to disable The Facebook Timeline and to return back to the older interface of facebook.

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    • shiwangi says

      Yeah true Praveen,many people don’t like the timeline and even I hated it earlier but now I love the new timeline. Glad you liked this post 🙂

    • shiwangi says

      Hey Akos, m glad that my post helped you enjoying back the FB. But somehow I feel that you will miss the Facebook timeline once you switch to the older interface . This is my personal experience.
      BTW Thanx for stopping by and wish to see your valuable comments again 🙂

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