Doctor PMS Free Download : Electronic health records software

Doctor PMS is software which helps in complete management of the patients. Doctor PMS comes into role when the doctors want to organize the data of the patients such as the medicines prescribed, symptoms seen, blood group of the patient and many other details. This application helps in providing the best quality of data both to the patients and the doctors. It helps in optimizing the health of the patient by doing research of all the reports and prescriptions of the patient.

Doctor PMS is very user friendly software and helps the patients to get information regarding them very quickly. Various medical facilities are covered in Doctor PMS such as cardiology & radiology. Other then medical facilities all the information regarding the patients is stored including their personal information.

Doctor PMS comes with pre-installed data for different medications that can be prescribed. These fields can be changed by the user as per their needs. The design of Doctor PMS is very unique and user friendly which helps to display the entire patient’s information on a screen. Doctor PMS can be installed on a variety of different operating systems. The installation is fast and it takes very little space while installation.

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