How to download Youtube videos from in HD

Download Youtube videos from Today, there are many tools which are used to download Youtube videos for offline watching but doing any kind of labor using a software is quite complicated and time-consuming. But now, you don’t need to download least any one of them as now, you download your own videos from It is not at all difficult of downloading a video from the website. It easy steps are given below:

  • Log in to your Youtube account with your email address.
  • In the upper-right corner of your profile window, you will see the video manager option in the menu.



  • Open the video which you want to download and click on the Edit button situated next to the video.

youtube 1


  • Click on the Edit dropdown and click on ‘Download MP4’ option.

That’s it!!!

However, this how-to is quite common today but the complaint which most of the users do is that the quality of the videos are not clear. You might have shot a 720p and 1080p HD video which can be downloaded at 480p. If you feeling irritating with these limitations then you don’t need to worry as I have the solution of this also! Below is a simple guide to download a Youtube video in HD:

  • Navigate to and click on ‘Create an archive button’. Now a zip folder is going to be archived which will include all the videos you have uploaded.

youtube 4

  • Once it is complete i.e. 100%, then click on the download tab to grab it! Also if you have uploaded a large amount of videos, then Google Takeout will automatically download 2 different files.

youtube 3


The one and all disadvantage is that all your archive will be downloaded. They is no option to download Youtube videos only. Download Youtube videos from 

Over to you!!!


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