Tips From Experts #2 – 12 Blogging Experts sharing their Strategies to build a strong Email List!

So after so many attempts to conquer the odds by building a strong email list, it results in failure? Well, that is what I feel but not the blogging industrial experts. So just for the sake of all those failures which includes me too, today, our blogging experts are suggesting some sure-fire strategies that are gonna help you out in building a strong and powerful email list and that is my GUARANTEE!

So are you guys excited, let us check out what our experts have brought for us. The experts sharing their strategies here!

blogging experts

Experts to be featured here

#1. Kevin Muldoon

#2. Adam Connell

#3. Anil Agarwal

#4. Ryan Biddulph

#5. Reginald Chan

#6. Amal Rafeeq

#7. Imran Uddin

#8. Pradeep Kumar

#9. Mi Muba

#10. Aditya Nath Jha

#11. Krishna Moorthy D

#12. Bishal Biswas

Kevin Muldoon –

There are a lot of things that can do to increase sign ups.Kevin Muldoon

From a design point of view, it is important to integrate a subscription form into key areas of your website such as your header, sidebar, and underneath the main content area.

You can also increase sign ups by offering something valuable, such as a useful eBook or a list of good resources. A lot of marketers push traffic to their landing pages and increase conversions by doing this. They can promote their pages through advertising solutions such as Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords.

However, I believe that the most effective way of building a strong responsive email list is to consistency publish great articles. This will make visitors want to subscribe to your updates.


Adam Connell – BloggingWizard.comAdam Connell

It takes some time to develop a strategy to grow your email list but you can get off to a good start when you use the right tactics. I’ve written extensively about various tactics in recent months and covered some of the main ones in my recent list building tips post. Below are some things to think about and tactics you can use:

• Make it easy for your readers to sign up – this includes adding opt-in forms to key places on your blog.

• Remove distractions where possible – make it clear what you want your readers to do.

• Consider offering your readers an incentive – this could be a free report, template or checklist.

• Optimize your key pages – try adding an opt-in form to your about page or other key pages.

• Consider using a popover but test it for yourself – popovers don’t work in all niches, but it’s worth testing even if you don’t like the idea of one. Generally speaking, they convert well.

• Offer post specific bonuses – this can be done with LeadPages or you can use Hellobar to add post specific calls to action which link to landing pages.

• Traffic sources matter – there’s a big difference between how well certain traffic sources convert. For example, when I get a link of a large industry blog (e.g. Social Media Examiner),

it will convert roughly 3 times better than search engine traffic. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t focus on search engine traffic, you should because it’s usually more transactional in nature.

• Keep testing and optimizing – too many people try a new type of opt-in form only to scrap it because they don’t get many conversions. Don’t be that person. If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean the tactic won’t work for you, instead ask yourself what you can do to make it work. Improve the offer? Improve the copy? Improve the button text copy?

There’s always something you can do.

Anil Agarwal – BloggersPassion.comAnil Agarwal

I can’t stress enough about building an email list that is responsive. You should not only build a list of subscribers, but you should focus building a list who listens to you and buy stuff from you. Building a strong email list is not easy as most professional bloggers say. You have to create “targeted freebies” to helpful newsletters to building rocking subscribers on your email list.

Here are few sure-fire ways to build a highly responsive email list.

• Don’t focus on getting more subscribers. Instead of that, focus on getting subscribers who are really interested in your stuff.

• It’s okay to conduct giveaways to boost your email list, but I don’t recommend doing it if you want to monetize your email list. The people who subscribe to your email list just because you are giving away something for free won’t buy anything you sell in the future.

• Convince your readers to subscribe by telling them what’s they are missing if they don’t subscribe to your lists. Try offering “exclusive content” only for the people who subscribe to your blogs.

That way you will be able to pull laser focused subscribers who are really interested in reading your exclusive content and buying your products.

• Increase your search traffic. Focus on optimizing your blog posts and website for certain keywords and make sure to use landing pages to increase your email list.

• Ask your existing subscribers for help. Ask them to share your newsletter with their friends. Even if one existing subscriber help you get another one, you can double your email list in no time.

Whether you agree it or not, building email list is not only a lucrative way to make passive income, but you will also build a loyal community around your blogs and websites.

Ryan Biddulph – BloggingFromParadise.comRyan Biddulph

I follow the 2 C’s to build my list: I create, and I connect. I create by sharing 2500 word or longer posts, three times weekly. Doing so gives my audience serious value, and the more value you create for others, the more value you’ll receive in the form of subscribers, and prospering relationships. I also make it a point to create videos, guest posts, and super helpful social media updates from time to time.
As for connecting, I have one word: comments. Comment like crazy on authority blogs. Share your thoughts in an intelligent, in-depth manner. Write 5 to 7 paragraphs, or more, on the top blogs in your niche. This is blogger outreach, also know as making friends with the top pros in your niche. Make friends with the Big Dawgs and these heavies will promote you to their audiences, as you’ll receive interview and guest post requests that will expand your presence, and that will help you build your list. 
Here’s my list-building secret:
Don’t try to build your list. Devote ALL of your energies to creating epic stuff, and to making friends with leaders, by publishing super helpful comment on their blogs, and by promoting them aggressively. If you focus your energy on doing these 2 things, you will have no energy left to worry about building a list….and guess what? Creating and connecting, and NOT focusing on building a list, makes your list grow like wildfire. I’m blogging from paradise, from beautiful Fiji, using the good old create and connect method, so something’s working OK for me 

Reginald Chan – ReginaldChan.netReginald Chan

When it comes to building an email list, anyone who is serious in blogging should start one immediately. In order to start properly, there are two things you should consider:

1. Getting a paid email responder

2. What’s in for your readers if they subscribe

In most cases, many people would opt for a free one but they don’t really see the disadvantages in those. Email services like GetResponse and AWeber are way above the charts where they provide both quality sending and as well as auto responder. Without auto responder, your email marketing will not work.

With the competition getting stiff, an auto responder would cost you anything below $15 a month. For me, the return is insane J

How do you convince others to sign up? Simply by providing quality content doesn’t make the cut. As a matter of fact, the common widget on the sidebar and after post won’t work that well if you have nothing to offer your readers.

Provide them with something in return such as free eBook, whitelist report and audio training would be a great move to kick start some serious readers. I have to add that just don’t provide these freebies for the sake of it. Make sure the freebies are top notch and can’t be found anywhere else.


Founder- Social Media Rush

Amal Rafeeq – ZionAmal.comAmal Rafeeq

Building an email list can benefit your online business in different ways. It has the power to take your business to the next level. It’s more like sharpening your sword before going to the battle. And doing that can be a little bit of a hard if you’re just starting out. Here are my 4 mantras (techniques) to do it.

Put up an opt-in box : How do you expect your readers or visitors to subscribe into your newsletter if you don’t provide them the facility to do it? First and most of all, put up a subscription box on your blog/website. Make sure you keep it simple enough that they don’t hit the close button on seeing it.

Add a great heading to the box and make sure to make the design splendid. Psychologically, if the design is good, users are bound to hit the subscribe button and this improves your conversion rate to a greater one.

Reward them : Who doesn’t like gifts? Well, I do. Try promising a nice freebie or something they could make use, of in return of joining your email list. Try giving away a free membership account of your website or discount coupons to products on your industry. If you’re a blogger who wants to grow your list, create an eBook combining all your old blog posts, add some extra information and give it out as a reward. It’ll work like a charm!

Creating a landing page about your freebie and embedding an opt-in box with the details of what you’re going to give out will also help.

Ask, don’t be shy : Asking doesn’t hurt, it actually helps. Freelancing for over an year, I learned that there is no reason to be shy or afraid to ask, in-fact, it has won me a great number clients indeed. So, just ask them to join your newsletter. Use the exit section of your blog posts and your social network to ask people to join your newsletter.

Give them a reason to join : Ask yourself this question — “What all newsletters do you join and why?” And when you figure out the answer to that question, take it to your advance. Solve problems of your readers/users, promise them better ways to do things, promise them value and stand out through what you actually do. Be unique!

Think from the perspective of your readers/users and find out what all things could trigger their decision to join the email list. And then, make it real!

Imran Uddin – Imran Uddin

There is a saying called “Money Lies Beneath the Lists”. A targeted email followers is the key for every successful internet marketer. Its not about how many subscribers we have but its all about how quality subscribers we have on the list.

When getting started with email marketing go for a good software like Aweber or Getresponse. You need to remove the inactive users on your list on regular basis. Once you have a solid list then you can pitch the members in the list with offers.

You need a very responsive email list to get good conversions. So, always focus on targeted readers than just normal readers who don’t have any interest in your products. In the recent times there was a huge drop in email marketing as there is a shift in Gmail treats every mail.

They recently introduced tabs and all the emails are going to promotions tab. Even though Email marketing is playing its vital role.

Pradeep Kumar – Slashsquare.comPradeep Kumar

Building a strong email list is not difficult when it is planned. You have to give them a strong reason and answer to the question – “Why should I?”. If I see a newsletter I’ll obviously ask this question honestly, I want to know what I’ll get in return when I spend my time signing up for this.

I’ll believe in two things that’ll help us for building a strong email list:

1# Make it easy for them to signup.

Yes, make it really simple, don’t try to complicate it with so many popups and stuffs. You just have to earn their trust and make them enter your email.

2# As soon as they provide them an incentive.

Now, this is the most important part. As soon as they signup they should get a good impression, so provide them an incentive, it could be anything, let it be premium content, eBooks, private video links, etc. If we can understand these two things, then I think it’ll be much easier for us to build a strong email list.

Mi Muba – BeAMoneyBlogger.comMi Muba

To build your email list first of all you should have an incentive for your readers to convert them into email subscribers. The incentive may be a:

  • One-time freebie like ebook, report or video package related to your niche
  • Or your posts are very impressive and of high quality that influence readers to be your email subscribers to get your next post directly into their mail box
  • Or you offer one-time online session to guide your readers achieve their goals related to a given niche
  • Or you promise to send them a freebie in future as and when you develop it, though it is a weak incentive.

After that you need to decide which plug-in you should buy or get a free plug-in. Then you need to showcase the optin form of email builder at various places of your blog depending upon how active your blog community is and what is niche of your blog.

If your blog community is very active and you have direct interaction with it at social media and through blog commenting then place the email builder form at a prominent place.

If your blog community mostly comprises of unique visitors then you can put an optin form popup also to make maximum number of visitors into subscribers. But it should not irritate the readers to make them run away and increase the bounce rate of your blog. The best way is to set the popup time at least one minute since a visitor arrived at your blog.

Then you need an email marketing service to run your email campaign. There are several such services available and a few of them are quite popular like Awber, MailChimp etc. They offer you to create your marketing campaign with a unique design, layout and sending option with one click to all your subscribers.

The last and final step is to successfully manage your email list. It doesn’t mean simply keep it in the list section of your email marketing service. It does mean to provide your subscribers:

Regular updates of your blog

Any exclusive post once in a month that you don’t publish at your blog

To send sales pitch to convert your subscribers as your buyers

Thanking, congratulating them and also sharing your joys and achievements with your email subscribers to convince them you don’t want to sell to them only but do have a strong loving relation with them.

Aditya Nath Jha – Aditya Nath Jha

Let’s ask an honest question to ourselves. When was the last time you actually subscribed to a mailing list?

I remember the last time I did so was on The main reason was simple, they had something which no other site could provide to me, and that was a really honest Indian take on gadget reviews. So, what is it that makes you different from everyone else providing services and content out there? Find that one thing and enhance it, this will give people a reason to subscribe to you! For me it was my own unique way of telling everything, it can vary from person to person.

Just find the method that’s true to your own personality and that of your brand. To build an email list you need to win the trust of your reader/product user, few of the mistakes that people do while building email lists are:

1.) Showing email subscribers count early on: People have a herd mentality. When they see a lot of people have subscribed to an email list then their brains deduce it to be of good value automatically. But if you show your subscribers count early on then the low numbers might discourage users from signing up.

2.) Not having a proper placement or design of email subscription box: Nothing catches a reader’s attention like a beautifully designed email subscription form at the end of the post. That is the best place to keep your email subscription box at and make sure the design in inviting otherwise none of the readers would convert to subscribers.

3.) Having fragmented lists and not segregating lists according to people’s gender, age and other preferences.

Krishna Moorthy D – Krishna Moorthy D

Email list is an important thingy and every blogger should start collecting emails from their readers to make their blogging future awesome.Collecting spammy list of emails doesn’t make any sense.

Always collect some pure and good emails which can make bigger conversions in the future. Simply collecting those emails won’t make anything, you have to follow up your readers with regular updates and you should never irritate them.

Never spam their mail inbox and never let them go out of your list.Give them some surprises and respect their potentiality.Play a brainy marketing game with your Email list so that you can use them for affiliate marketing and anyother purpose and I’m sure the conversion rate will be damn too high :).

Bishal Biswas – ViralBlogTips.comBishal Biswas

Puff, money is in the list. Concern to make money through blogging, it’s crucial for a webmaster to practise list building in regards to grow their blog traffic crucially. Marketers like Neil Patel, receives thousand of visitors through their email subscribers which initially help him to gain profit from his business.

Not just it, yet, through list communication between the user and audiences particularly grow and helps to have better grip to their audiences.

1. Use Popup (although, if you hate to):

Love ’em or hate ’em, it’s rather important for your to add those annoying (although, it’s not) popups in your blog that will initially help you to grow your list subscribers.

2. Provide Valuable Contents:

“Content is the king”, and perhaps it’s important for you to value your audiences through informative contents. With with persona’, while writing think like-

a) Why should my readers read this post?

b) Is it valuable?

c) Am I missing something?

d) Is the article providing (i) Reasonable (ii) Why (iii) Symptom (iv) Solution.

This all, in regards of writing content that values audience is required (Only, if you want to build yourself an authority).

3. Don’t Force, But Bribe:

Competitions everywhere. Why should your audience subscribe to your blog while they could have subscribed any other blog other there in your niche?

The simple, yet an effective solution – Bribe them. Be it a piece of eBook, Case Study, or even ‘Cool’ stuffs, share it for “FREE” (According to Marketers, the word FREE helps to bring significant improvement to your sales), and see how your audiences get attracted as because they’d be forced to (although if you’re not doing so).

Always remember, giving value to audiences is important rather making money from them. Give value, get value.

It pose a great challenge concern to building a successful mailing list, however if you’re smart enough to rip off the challenges you’d be able to succeed.


– Bishal Biswas


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    Hi Divyansh

    First of all thanks a lot for including me in this list of awesome bloggers and I am really proud of being in it.

    The idea of your post is really brilliant. It is an open secret that there are multiple ways to build your email list. So instead of narrating several ways and then concluding the post with your most favorite one you opted to prefer making your readers here what all are saying about it.

    Expert-tips kind of posts are getting so popular nowadays and one can pick the best tip after evaluating his own capacities and strengths to follow the best one.

    Here also your blog readers have ample option to either follow any of the one expert or make a good mix with several tips to apply at his blog and build his email least by leaps and bounds.

    On first look this post simply gives an impression of views and opinions of 12 experts at one place. But the hard work and efforts you had to made to compile this post can understand only a person who had to do this task ever or who had any first hand information about it.

    Thanks a lot for making so much hard work and compiling this post for the benefit of all who don’t want to just rely on search engine for marketing their products and services and want to have another confirm source for this purpose.

    Hope to have such more all-inclusive posts for the benefit of your blog community.
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