Use Emoticons Meme In Your Facebook Chat

I am a big Facebook addict and you can easily guess it by reading my posts in  the category of Facebook. I recently wrote a couple of posts telling you about the FB Chat Emoticons, and today I am here with my next list of the emoticons meme for FB chat. Emoticons Meme are getting more and more popular these days, and people love to use them in their FB Chat to express a feeling and to create the hilarious and funny facebook status updates. 

Although I personally never use the Emoticons Meme as I find them pretty ugly, but yes many people love using them in their chat and to decorate the Facebook status update. The Emoticons Memes are actually getting more popular than the Facebook Smileys these days. Well, whatever the reason might be, the fact is that people love using the Emoticons Meme in the FB chat and thus I am here with my list of Emoticons Meme.

List of Emoticons Meme For Facebook Chat

[[145768898802324]] – FUUUUUU’s Emoticons




[[169919399735055]] – NOT BAD OBAMA EMOTICONS


[[142670085793927]] – MOTHER OF GOD EMOTICONS


[[167359756658519]] – NO GUY EMOTICONS


[[192644604154319]] – DERPINA EMOTICONS


[[224812970902314]] – DERP EMOTICONS


[[170815706323196]] – CEREAL GUY EMOTICONS


[[171108522930776]] – TROLLFACE EMOTICONS


[[164413893600463]] – ME GUSTA EMOTICONS


[[218595638164996]] – BITCH PLEASE EMOTICONS


[[MeGustaMeme]] – ME GUSTA 2 EMOTICONS


[[189637151067601]] – LOL EMOTICONS


[[129627277060203]] – POKERFACE EMOTICONS


[[227644903931785]] – FOREVER ALONE EMOTICONS

[[100002752520227]] – OKAY EMOTICONS


[[105387672833401]] – FUCK YEAH EMOTICONS



[[106043532814443]] Y U NO


[[167359756658519]] NO


[[100002752520227]] – Okay

[[218595638164996]] YAO

[[168040846586189]] Feel like a Sir

[[168040846586189]] was the list? Which of these Emoticons Meme you use the most. As I said above I personally don’t like using these, but the Trollface emoticons meme and the LOL emoticons meme are a bit OK for me. Middle finger emoticons are also quite popular on FB these days. Which is your favorite Emoticons meme  and do you have   some more of them apart from my list? If yes, please post them in the comment box below and make the list of emoticons memes even longer.

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