50 Essential iPhone Apps 2012 – Free iPhone Apps To Download (1-10)

Having an iphone and confused about the essential iphone apps 2012 to install on it?

I understand!

With so many interesting and useful and essential iphone apps 2012 available all around the confusion is pretty obvious.

By now there are thousands of applications available in market for your phone. And obviously it has become so much difficult to search for an application that we want. If so, then stop thinking and searching by now.

You have already spent a good amount on buying an apple iphone now you need not to further spend any more cash on buying applications for your phone.

We here recommend you top 50 best free applications for your iphone, that will definitely fulfill your requirements. As said by my readers the list displaying 50 apps becomes very long to scroll down, so I am splitting my long list of 50 best iPhone apps for 2012. Here is the first list of best iPhone apps (1-10)

50 essential iphone apps 2012 (1-10)

  1. Facebook: Facebook now a days have become most popular social networking site. It provides a very fast and easy access to your Facebook account and help in maintaining your social links.facebook essential iphone apps 2012
  2. Gorillacam: If u have a hobby of capturing different scenes in your mobile phone, this app wills definitely going to work for you. gorillacam essential iphone apps 2012
  3. Runkeeper: with this app you can keep track of your routine exercises, workout, running, jogging, cycling track etc, without paying for the GPS. runkeeper essential iphone apps 2012
  4. Stanza: this application is for those who like reading stuff on their mobile phones. With the help of this you can easily get newer and better eBooks.stanza essential iphone apps 2012
  5. Dropbox: you can easily transfer data between your computer and you phone by using dropbox that synchronizes your phone with your pc. dropbox essential iphone apps 2012
  6. The trainline: trainline offers you all the detail updates of train schedule. You can easily plan your journey using this app. the trainline essential iphone apps 2012
  7.  Swype: Swype works as an alternate keyboard on your iPhone.  Swype can be downloaded and installed only through its maker’s link. swipe essential iphone apps 2012
  8. Thomson Reuter’s news pro: this application will let you to be connected to the entire world by offering latest news updates. thomsons reuter's essential iphone apps 2012
  9. Twitter:  You can tweet, read tweets and follow anyone on Twitter using this application on your Iphone. twitter essential iphone apps 2012
  10. Comics: It is an interesting application and especially when you love reading comics in your free time. You can select any of your favorite comics through this app. comics essential iphone apps 2012

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    Oh boy…I have to get a phone now!!!

    Actually, I work in front of the computer at home. When I go out, I leave my phone home because I want to enjoy what I am doing without interruptions.
    BUT…As I find myself traveling more often, it has come to my attention that I need a phone that I can use when I’m away from home.
    These apps are so fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
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