Facebook First Ever Gambling App Launched Today

If you are a Facebook games addict, this addiction is now going to be greater and if you are the one who love to gamble, you better name your computer as a Facebook Machine.

Didn’t get me?

Oh come on!!!!

Haven’t you heard about the new Gambling Apps from Facebook?


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Facebook Games Now Have Real Cash Gambling

Yes, I am talking about the new Gambling app Bingo & Slots Friendzy launched by Facebook today which will now allow its users to stake real money.

Excuse me!!!!!!

Don’t get over excited, this app is launched only for the users in UK.

Online gambling company Gamesys has developed this app Bingo & Slots Friendzy. This is the first ever cash Gambling app included in the list Facebook games.

Bingo & Slots Friendzy offers the users to play various slot machine games and various bingo games. This is very different from other facebook games as users can play with their real cash rather than Facebook credits.

However this is considered as one of the facebook games but Faceook is not involved directly. The British gaming company Gamesys which operates largest Slots websites and Bingo websites is offering this game.

Facebook has indulged to this game and is including Bingo & Slots Friendzy as a Faceook games to check if it increases the viable revenue stream.

Facebook Spokesperson stated in their statements that online money gaming is very popular in UK and thus facebook is allowing Gamsys to offer their real cash games for the adult users on Facebook.

Though these Facebook games will be played with real cash but are supposed to be played in a controlled manner.

Facebook has also kept the age slot for this game unlike the other facebook games. Only users above the age of 18 years will be allowed to play this game.

I don’t know whether Faceook is unaware of the fact that there are thousands of underage users in Facebook and honestly speaking my own son who is 14 years old is using Facebook for last 2 years.

However, to play these Facebook games of Bingo and Slots Friendzy with real cash, the users first need to prove their identity along with their age proof.

There is no news of releasing this game in other parts for now.

So users in UK Enjoy J

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