Facebook Layout – Customize It With Your Favorite Design Using Social Plus

How to Change Facebook Layout?

I just changed my Facebook Profile Layout, Isn’t it lovely? I am loving it as I really got bored with the same old white and blue layout of my facebook page. 

Do you want to change your facebook layout?

Do you want to make it look more attractive and beautiful?

I guess you would love to do that!

What I feel is that Change adds Spice to life. Moreover how long can you expect today’s young generation to live without it? Where the kids can’t even stick to a particular model of cell phone or laptop for over a year won’t they get bored of the same monotonous blue and white Facebook Timeline?

After all that’s the place where the youngsters around the world spend their maximum time. On top of this everyone enjoys a little of personalization, so what if I say I can show you a way by which you can change your FB layout to something more of your choice and personality. However there are a few features of facebook which irritates like anything like unwanted tagging by friends on locations or stupid game requests sent by friends.

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But before I share the magician code of changing your Facebook account’s layout let me caution you about something.

The layout settings will only be valid on the system you initially save it. Whenever you would open your facebook page from any other computer you will be welcomed by the original format. But do not get disappointed as later I have a little trivia to share with you guys. Now that you are aware about the situation let’s get started.

When I came to know about this feature of changing the Facebook Layout  I Googled it and everywhere it was written to use Google extensions named FB Skins but let me tell you, it never worked. It actually sucks.

Then I finally Google gave me a correct option to change the facebook layout with Social Plus which has more than 500 profile skins for your facebook profile.

If you want to go through the Chrome Web Store, you can get an extension named Social Plus and install it on your browser.

Let’s move step by step-

Step #1

Go to the settings option in your Google Chrome browser and get an extension named ‘Social Plus On Facebook’.

Download and install it on your browser.


Now you can see a tab of ‘Social Plus’ in your facebook profile page just beside ‘Home’. Click it and go to the option of ‘Profile Skin’.

Step #3

Select any of your preferred theme which matches your personality and save it.

Step #4

You can also create your own profile skin by uploading your picture here.

Just a few steps and you can give a new look to your facebook profile page. You can also create your own customized skin. Social Plus Facebook App also allow you to make a few more changes to your facebook profile.

I have selected a ‘Flowers’ profile skin for my facebook profile.

Now here comes the trivia, you can view your personalized Facebook layout on the computer systems that already have Social Plus Plugin installed in it.

Hope I have been able to help you make your Facebook profile more fun.

I would like to know have you ever tried changing your Facebook layout and which FBSkins you like the most?


    • shiwangi says

      Yeah Avinash…I guess frnds having social plus installed on their system can view your changed facebook layout. Isn’t it?
      And even if they can’t no issues..We bring changes in our life not for others..but for our own satisfaction right. 🙂 Enjoy

  1. says

    Yes it lovely Shiwangi,
    Facebook User can also enjoy Facebook on banned places where FB is not allowed, as if school and office by customize FB template…
    So elder will not understand easily the trick if they do not know it.

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