How To Block Facebook Game Requests On Your Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline And Unwanted Games Requests

Facebook has no doubt become one of the most popularly used social networking websites and I also like the new Facebook Timeline interface. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that it has many useful Facebook apps for business, for bloggers, for students etc.

On the same node it won’t be wrong if I say that a few of Facebook apps are very irritating too. Some very common examples are to get tagged by friends on unwanted pictures, tagged on facebook locations and getting games requests.

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The thing which I find most annoying is the notifications of games requests. I am not very much into Facebook Games or rather I must say that I am not at all into them and thus getting those notifications on my Facebook timeline irritates me a lot. I only like to play new game on facebook from amazon gaming studios – living classics.

I am sure there would be many more Facebook users like me who get annoyed with such notifications. Therefore I thought of bringing the solution for this problem of Facebook Timeline.

I have found a way to avoid them. If you too are looking for an easy way to turn-off / disable Facebook game notifications and game requests, then this post would be of some help to

In the earlier Facebook Interface the settings were quite easier and now with the changed Facebook timeline these settings have become somewhat tricky.

Below is a step by step guide on how to stop getting games requests on your Facebook Timeline

Step #1

Go to your facebook timeline and then go to ‘App Center’ on the bar left to your facebook page. I usually get the game requests from the Farmville and Cityville players as these are the two most popular and commonly played facebook games.


On the page App Center you can see a left bar again with many options. Go to ‘Games’ and you can see all the facebook games on a single page.

Step #3

Go to the game you often get a request for. Let’s take ‘Cityville’ as an example here. On the right bar of this page you can see a few options like Visit App Page, Share, Block and Report a Problem. Click on ‘Block’ and you are done.

After blocking this game on your Facebook Timeline, no one can send you a game request.

Relax, you are now free from those annoying and irritating facebook games notifications.

Wasn’t that simple.

I hope this helped you. Waiting for your valuable comments.



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