Unfriend Finder Web Apps To Check Who Unfriend You On Facebook

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Just got a message from one of my readers that she needs an unfriend finder web app because she had 506 facebook friends earlier but it is now showing just 500. She noticed this when she was trying to rearrange the facebook friends. 


unfriend finder


She is worried and wants to know who unfreinded her or I must say she is desperate to know who the hell is dare to remove her from the friends list.

I tell you such girls are responsible for all the jokes being cracked on ‘GIRLS’ huh!!

I mean, why you are so concerned, if somebody don’t want you in his/her circle; let it be, why do you need unfriend finder for this.

I am sure this girl would have sent annoying games requests or might be tagging them in her status updates and instead of blocking the games requests and unwanted tagging they decided to unfriend her.

I never understand why people uselessly tag others in their pictures and status updates. Even I get many of such notifications but thankfully I know how to block the annoying facebook games request and also how to remove the locations from the facebook timeline.

Facebook is meant to build good relationship with friends worldwide and not just to irritate or annoy them by such stupid errands.

Anyways as she asked for help I researched a bit on this and came up with some unfriend finder web apps which can actually let us know if anyone removes us from the facebook friends list.

Unfriend finder Web Apps



unfriend finder

Thank God !!! None of my friends have deleted me

As the name itself suggests this unfriend finder web app is especially designed to check who deleted you. This is a free web app and helps you in finding how your friends list is shortened; I mean to find who deleted you from facebook friends list.

I would like to tell you that this app though brings good results but it takes a day or two to track your friends list. You just need to connect this web app to your facebook account and it will start tracking your friends list. You do not need to download or install this app to know who deleted you. Just login and check.

Go To Who.Deleted.Me From Here

Twenty Feet

unfriend finder

I don’t know why the developer has given this name to the web app.

This unfriend finder app is not just for the facebook use but it can track your twitter account as well. This web app along with checking ‘who deleted you’ will also check all other events done and happened in your account. You will get the complete notifications about everything happening around.

Unlike who deleted you, this web app charges you a fee, however it is a very nominal fee especially for the girls like the one who asked me this question. Well Twenty Feet charges $2.49 per year. This application is quite active and will immediately notify you if anyone deletes you.

You get all the notifications from your linked accounts as you login to this service.

Download Twenty Feet From Here

Social Fixer

unfriend finder

Social Fixer was previsouly known as Better Facebook and that name actually suited it much better as the friend who deleted you might be feeling better.

Just Kidding!!!!

This unfriend finder web app actually brings you a better and advanced facebook homepage and this feature justifies its name. It incudes many different options to make your facebook profile look better. You can also change your facebook layout and skin using this app. This web application can be used through the web browser extension on any browser expect the most loved Internet Explorer (kidding again). This web app brings some more additional features to your facebook timeline.

You can change the facebook layout completely by installing this extension in your web browser. Moreover this extension also makes your facebook page load faster.

Download Facebook Better From Here

So  now with the helps of unfriend finder web apps you can actually know which of your friends are annoyed from you and have deleted you from their friends list. Check out and screw them up.

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