FB Chat Emoticons : Shin Chan, Doremon, Pikachu, Angry Birds, Batman and Much More

After writing a long post on how to add facebook smileys and middle finger emoticons, here I am with a new post on how to add the FB Chat Emoticons. You can add these FB Chat Emoticons in your FB chats and messages. Although, these Fb chat icons don’t work in the Facebook Status updates or comments.

Facebook chat is one of the most preferred mode of communication in the present age and these Facebook smileys actually perk up the facebook chat experience and make them more interesting and addictive.

Well here is my long list of FB Chat Emoticons, hope you like them.

FB Chat Emoticons

[[133603427601]] – BATMAN FB Chat Emoticons

batman fb chat emoticons

[[250128751720149]] – Domo Kun FB Chat Emoticon

doma cun fb chat emoticon

[[223328504409723]] – Gintoki Sakata FB Chat Emoticon

gintoki sakata fb chat emoticons

[[249199828481201]] – Konata Izumi FB Chat Emoticon

konata izumi fb chat emoticons

[[236147243124900]] – Pokeball FB Chat Emoticon

pokeball fb chat emoticons

[[326134990738733]] – Pikachu FB Chat Emoticon

pickachu fb chat emoticon

[[155393057897143]] – Doraemon FB Chat Emoticon

doremon fb chat emoticon

[[224502284290679]] – Nobita FB Chat Emoticon

nobita fb chat emoticon

[[144685078974802]] – Mojacko FB Chat Emoticon

mojako fb chat emoticon

[[334954663181745]] – Spongebob FB Chat Emoticon

spongebob fb chat emoticon



[[196431117116365]] – Shin chan FB Chat Emoticon

Shinchan fb chat emoticons

[[148935948523684]] – Pedo Bear FB Chat Emoticon

pedo bear fb chat emoticon

[[269153023141273]] – Poring FB Chat Emoticon

poring fb chat emoticon

[[332936966718584]] – Hello Kitty FB Chat Emoticon

hello kitty FB CHAT emoticon

[[252497564817075]] – Kerokeroppi FB Chat Emoticon

Kerokeppi fb chat emoticon

[[297354436976262]] – Santa Claus FB Chat Emoticon

santa clause fb chat emoticon


[[157680577671754]] – Angry Bird FB Chat Emoticon

angry bird fb chat emoticon

[[145768898802324]] – FUUUUUU’s fb chat emoticons


[[143220739082110]] – ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME FB Chat Emoticon

[[169919399735055]] – NOT BAD OBAMA FB Chat Emoticon

[[142670085793927]] – MOTHER OF GOD FB Chat Emoticon

[[167359756658519]] – NO GUY FB Chat Emoticon

[[192644604154319]] – DERPINA FB Chat Emoticon

[[224812970902314]] – DERP FB Chat Emoticon

[[170815706323196]] – CEREAL GUY FB Chat Emoticon

[[171108522930776]] – TROLLFACE FB Chat Emoticon


[[164413893600463]] – ME GUSTA FB Chat Emoticon

These Facebook emoticons works only in the FB chat or in sending the Facebook message, how interesting it would be if we can use these FB emoticons to decorate our Facebook status update. These can create an extra quotient of charm and wittiness in our funny facebook status. Well, I will soon come up with a list of FB emoticons to be used in status updates and comments.

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