Free Keyword Optimization tools for perfect SEO, Especially #1

Keyword Optimization tools. One of the most necessary things for loads of traffic is Keyword researching. Keyword Optimization is a necessity for every blogger and SEO expert in the blogosphere. Doing perfect keyword research is necessary as many experts have said that it leads to huge and huge amount of traffic, AdSense earnings and Affiliate sales. The point I want to prove here is that the first step to successful blogging is perfect keyword researching, which thus, cannot be ignored anyhow.

Well, to be honest, any content website is just incomplete without keyword researching and thus, I am presenting the top free Keyword Optimization tools for perfect SEO this year.


Free Keyword Optimization tools for perfect SEO in 2014


#1. Google Keyword Planner Tool

google adwords

Undoubtedly, as everyone knows, Google leads the list when it comes to Search Engines. Also, I hope everyone of you already know this but those, who are unknown to it, then lemme tell you that Google also comes with a free Keyword Optimization tool. The tool is named Google Keyword Planner tool or Google Adwords. The tool have its users all over the world and it is mostly used by bloggers and marketers for PPC ad campaigns.

On the other hand, this tool is also used by Webmasters to get keyword ideas for their blogs to get good search engine rankings. This tool helps to find the accurate demands and estimate competition for a particular keyword. Also, it gives a list of the related keywords with high demands with low competiton, helping bloggers to choose the impeccable keyword.

All you have to do to access this tool’s magic is to fill up the free sign up form!

#2. SEMRush


SEMRush comes in the list of the top free tools for professional SEO. The key feature of SEMRush is that when we search a keyword on it, it gives you the list of the most popular keyword till the least popular keyword along with  key phrase queries to sites that rank and or purchased ads from the search term.

The only disadvantage one has to face during the usage of SEMRush is that it allows only 10 searches a day per user (isn’t it enough for a day : p).

#3. WooRank Website Review


This tool not only assist you will great keyword ideas but also gives you free reviews about a particular website. WooRank website review also allows the users to know the keywords in which a website tops on search engines and notifies with the website’s tough opponents also.

#4. Spyfu


Another very easy to use keyword Optimization tool to use in the blogosphere is Spyfu. When you will go to Spyfu’s homepage, you will see two option for researching. In order to search keywords on Spyfu, you have to enter your opponent website or the desired keyword. After entering the url, you will have access to top keywords which the website ranks.

This result includes both paid advertisements and organic search. Upon entering the keyword you will only see sites that rank for the keyword.

So these are the free Keyword Optimization tools which I strongly recommend to each and every blogger in the blogosphere and create a money-making blog! Keyword Optimization tools.


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    Hi Divyansh,
    Very great list of keyword optimization tools.It will help a newbie SEO blogger a lot.Thanks for sharing this post with us.Looking forward to your next post.

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