Haste For iPhone- A Word Game Played Against Live Opponents

Haste for iPhone. While browsing for some apps related to word games and quiz I landed upon the  newly launched Haste for iPhone. It is the latest fast-paced,  game to hit the App Store and is certainly a very interesting gaming app for those who loved playing the old age word search games or the very popular word game Boggle. There is same name  App in the Google play store for quite sometime but it is an entirely different game.

Haste For iPhoneHaste gaming app

Haste for iPhone is a fast-paced word game pitting you against friends and players from around the world in real-time.

Connect letters in any direction with the swipe of a finger to form words and earn points. Be quick though, each game only lasts 90 seconds!

Haste features:

• Live matches played against rivals on the same game board

• Short and sweet gameplay that’s easy to grasp yet hard to master

• Leaderboards to keep track of your scores and progress

• A simple visual style with beautifully crafted animations

• Stunning performance built on the latest iOS Sprite Kit framework

How Haste for iPhone works

With the all new Haste for iPhone you can connect with your Facebook friends and play a challenge game with them or you can also play with some random opponent.

You can connect the letter in any direction to make the words. With just a swipe of your finger you can create new words and score points. Similar to most of the word games, the letters has specific value in hist gaming app and you can also get the bonus tiles which can multiply your score to highest.

It is developed by a two person team in Australia. Talking about the game the developer says, “I loved playing word games on my phone, but hated waiting for days or weeks to find out if I had won a game, or if my opponent would even take their turn,” explains Potts. “Our goal with Haste was to bring live gameplay to the word-game genre in a similar manner to how QuizUp did so for quizzes. The feedback we’ve received so far has been great, and we think this is an interesting model for future mobile games.”


Haste For Androidhaste gaming app

Haste for Android is a fast paced puzzle game that requires quick thinking and even quicker fingers!  Here the player have to connect the same colored tiles to complete the level.

  • 15 seconds is all you get to complete each level, think you can do it?
  • There are 90 levels across 9 stages ( more on the way soon! ).
  • 2 player mode allows you to compete against a friend on the same device!

Download the haste gaming app and let us know how you liked it.

Download Haste For Android

Download Haste for iPhone

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