Google is launching their new hindi input app

Google has released their new app, named Hindi input app whose feature is to mix the normal Hindi keyboard and allows the user of this app to translate the English letters to Hindi ones.


The new Hindi input app provides the Hindi keypad, but it also used for transliteration services.

The Google Hindi input app is available for free and is available for android 2.2 froyo or the higher update devices than that. Google’s new Hindi input app that lets the user type in the Devanagari script including all the consonants. The app is very useful for those who like a lot to communicate with their friends, relative, workers and other people in Hindi.

Rather than the Hindi keyboard, this app also offers the Hindi – English transliteration with this app. It means that you can type out a Hindi word with the English characters the app is gonna provide you the closest suggestion in the Devanagri script. This app will be an advantage to many Indian consumers with the level Android-based devices. The one point which worth nothing is the there is no android device which supports Devanagari Unicode fonts. As there are many android devices, it is difficult to find out devices which support Hindi script.

Download the new Google Hindi Input app from the Google Play store.


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