How To Improve Conversion Rate : Blogging Tips

Being into blogging, we often come across the term Conversion Rate and the question How To Improve Conversion Rate. Today in the world of web marketing, conversion Rate plays a vital role. This feature determines the achievement or collapse of your web business. There is no reservation about the fact that, you get lots of visitors to your website, but if they are not converting or turning up to your webpage then it’s a mess in your business profile. how to improve conversion rate

While looking for some tips on how to improve conversion rate, I came across a wonderful post written by a leading blogger and I found it worth sharing on my blog.

I wonder, all of you are aware or not, but there are certain apps which helps to improve the conversion rate in your blog.

To get a positive response from the visitors, you need to go through some good apps, which are affordable and known for their unique feature and I am sharing some of such apps here in my blog.

What I liked the most about these apps is their user friendly interface. All of these apps are so simple that you can use them without having any technical know-how.

These apps to improve conversion rate also helps in protecting your data from the web jabbering system. So let us share some noted names for apps to improve the conversion rate.

How To Improve Conversion Rate

  • Attention Wizard– This is a heat type map tool, enable you to view thaw page layouts and colour, design, buttons of the page more prominently
  • Five second Test-You can guess the performance of the age by its name. This application is so fast that within five seconds of time you will get the view of the landing, and for more you will get a set of answers to all the related short questions.
  • Lead Converter-This is the key to the A/B testing which helps to give the right massage on the right time along with the real time analytics.
  • Insta Page– This page is known for landing new pages. If you do not have any concept of HTML then also you can create your page by availing the free and readymade templates.
  •– If you are looking for a free word Press plug-in, and then this is the right tool for you. Here you will get the web based benefits like, free visual heat map and scroll maps, A/B testing, Conversion tracing and recording facility.
  • Feng-GUI– This tool is exclusively designed for its users to enhance the visual quality of an ad or any web page. For choosing your service, you need to pay according to that.
  • Google analytics-This is a gem thing for the online traders. There are lots of tools for improving the quality of the CRO also helps you to expend the circle of your CRO.
  • Visual Website Optimizer– A excellent option for increasing the rate of conversion. It has multifarious benefits like, A/B Testing, Heat maps, Usability testing, behaviours targeting and all these applications are very easy to handle feature.
  • Concept Feedback-If you are looking for an expert’s review on your landing page, then this tool will facilitate to get that.
  • Click tale– This simple yet versatile tool helps you enhance the user’s experience; improve the conversion rate along with analysing real time data.
  • Optimizely– Known for providing data and to help your data to clicks, sign ups and other essential things to improve your CRO level.
  • Clicky– It gives you the Real time analysis along with the heat map analysis, gives you the benefit to get the new visitors’ list on your dashboard.
  • Crazy egg– Here you can get the het maps, scroll maps, overlay reports for improving your CRO.

So, this was my list of apps. Honestly I haven’t used all of them but will surely give them a try soon. Meanwhile I would like to know your views on these apps in the comment box below.

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