How to stand out from other catering businesses

If you are living in a metropolitan city, chances are that there are a ton of different catering businesses around you. So, how do you as a catering business owner stand out from other catering businesses in your area?


Of course, the simplest way to achieve this status of standing out from the other catering business competition is to be the best catering service in your area. However, almost everyone will agree that this is easier said than done. Even if your catered food is perfect, there are still a ton of other factors that can degrade your standing in the eyes of your audience and as a result, you do not stand out from other catering business.


So, how do you turn your business into the best catering service in Bangalore? Or any other locality.


First of all, catering business provides the food for a variety of different events. This can include, the main meal, dessert, starters, cocktails or refreshments. As such, the first thing that you need to ensure if quality food that boasts great taste. You want your customers to fall in love with your food at the first bite. So, make sure that first of all, the food that you serve is of the highest grade and taste. Make sure you use fresh ingredients over frozen ingredients and have your cooks trained to the highest level that is possible.


Now that you have your food sorted out, the one factor that most catering service providers neglect is researching the marketplace. Not only will you find out about your competition in your area, you will further be able to find the list of services that they provide. You will further be able to glean additional information such as the norm price for a catering event, and the amount of customers that they receive. Check out their website and try to find out what their unique selling point is.


One of the biggest misconception regarding a successful catering service owner is not their food. You can easily acquire great food from any restaurant. Why should event managers buy food from a catering service over just buying the food from a restaurant? What most people look for when they decide to hire a catering service is more than just the food, they are looking for a benefit. This is the reason why we stress that standing out from other catering business is more than just improving the food that you serve. You will need a unique selling point that captures the sight of your audience and converts them into sales.


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So, how do you find your unique selling point? How do you develop your own niche? You will need to sell convenience (something that your customers can’t say no to), develop your own unique menu, or have a corporate/ white glove service. You can even ask the help of your friend and ask what they looked for when they chose a catering service. What they particularly liked about a catering service that they have experienced or even, what they will look for if they had to hire a caterer for a next event. Doing so will enable you to view your current dilemma from a different view point.


Developing your own niche is a very easy concept. Niche refers to promoting, appealing or concentrating all your business product, service or interest to a small, specialized section of the population. So developing a niche in a catering business is to concentrate on a certain type of event. It can be a corporate event such as cocktail parties, banquet, executive luncheons, or concentrating solely on wedding events, children parties, or adult parties (birthdays, holiday, dinner, bachelorette parties).



Finding your own niche not only brings up your catering business appeal in the eyes of the consumer interested in that niche, you will further be able to refine your food type so that you become a specialist. Depending upon your niche, you could be dealing with barbecues, vegans, upscale menus or even affordable menus.




Remember that we are not trying to clip your wings. You can still cater to a wide variety of different events. Just make sure to have seperate brochures, or different web pages for different catering event. Not only will your audience appreciate the easy navigation through your business information, it will further reduce the chances of your potential customers classifying you as a jack of all trades yet master of none.

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