How StumbleUpon helped me to increase my blog social media traffic by 281%

Increase blog Social Media traffic. Oh yes!!! 800 more, Yipee!!!!

You all might be thinking that why I am exclaiming so loudly, but lemme tell you that the reason for my happiness is the increase in my blog’s traffic. Over the past few months, I have seen a huge improvement in my blog’s traffic and earning statistics and the main source of the traffic is StumbleUpon. Earlier, bloggers didn’t trust on StumbleUpon and didn’t realized that it can be the great way to increase blog Social Media Traffic. I have also been sharing my daily stumble stats on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Today, I am revealing my secrets by which, Stumbleupon increased my blog’s Social Media traffic by 281%. Have a look at the screenshot below showing my daily StumbleUpon Stats:

My daily traffic from StumbleUpon


Now, can you see how great StumbleUpon can be to increase a blog’s traffic. The tips which I am going to present today can help you too to get as much traffic as I am or even more than that!!! So without wasting any more time, lemme begin with my Magical StumbleUpon tricks.

How to Increase blog Social Media Traffic with StumbleUpon

#1. Become regular at StumbleUpon: This is the greatest technique to attract traffic from StumbleUpon. Before beginning with this tactic, you firstly have to choose the interests of your niche and the interest  which you love to watch out. StumbleUpon allows you to choose as much interests as you want. Then complete the profile details and setup and awesome profile pic. Then start stumbling the interest which you have chosen. StumbleUpon allows you to stumbles articles, pictures, videos and other web links related to your interest. Stumbling articles and images regular will keep your readers engaged to your blog and will make them an active reader of your blog. That’s it! Now without applying much toil, you will get highly targeted traffic and readers at your blog. Also, setting up a nice title and suitable Category/Sub-Category will attract more people and your work will become much easier.

#2. Set up a nice & Attractive description of the stumble: I am not going to discuss this strategy in a brief manner. All I can say is that you should set up a nice & professional description. You should never use a part of your blog post as the description or the title of the article. Use can also use Hashtags within the description for a much professional look.

#3. Follow Stumblers of your niche: This is another awesome tactic to grab huge Social Media Traffic. You should look out for stumblers posting in your interest. You should follow them and try to make a strong online relation with them. This trick will make your stumbles visible to much people and will surely help to grab more thumbs and traffic.

#4. Submit web links of other websites also: I regular StumbleUpon user, like me should always keep this thing in mind. Submitting your posts only will make your followers think that you are active on StumbleUpon only for traffic and will stop following your blog which would be a really big loss for you. You should check out and stumble all the pages relevant to your interests. Submitting only your articles would be considered as spamming also which would result in no traffic.

So these are the strategies which I use in my daily blogging life to increase blog Social Media traffic with StumbleUpon and I hope that these tips would be useful for all the bloggers who want tons of traffic to their blogs. You can leave your thoughtful comments and queries related to this article in the comment box below. Increase blog Social Media traffic.


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    The last point submit links of other website of also does work for all social media. If you simply keep sharing contents of your own blog many of your follows or friends will take your every share for granted and simply like or +1 it. They won’t bother to click on it. If you share both your contents and contents of other blogs many people will just click to check which blog post you have shared. This will let them know what type of blogs you are visiting and what they should expect from you more info on your niche.

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