How I Get Steady Traffic to my blog without SEO or Backlinks (FREE!!!)

Thinking for Traffic??? Want traffic on your blog but still, you are failing? Well, this is the story of almost every newbie and I know how it feel likes when something like this happenes. But guys, you need not worry now because today, at Find Web Apps, I am bringing something that’ll work like a fairy for you to boost traffic and the major and the base part about it is that it doesn’t require either SEO or Backlinks!!!

Now, the thought coming to your mind is simple – ‘IT IS IMPOSSIBLE’ but for me guys, in the world of blogging, nothing is impossible. Before proceeding with the post, I want to thank Enstine Muki from the bottom of my heart to give a start to such an awesome network.

Opps!! By mistake I revealed that the trick is nothing but a network itself which is named to be ‘BroadedNet’.

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What is BroadedNET?

BroadedNET is a free online network by Enstine Muki which is used by bloggers all around the world to grab free web traffic to their blogs. In short, it can be said that BroadedNET is traffic without Search Engines and Social Media. Just a click and one enters awesomeness!

How it works?


BroadedNET Online network has a very simple procedure to socailise the articles of their users. You just need to begin a campaign of one of your articles and wait until BroadedNET approves it. Once it is approved, the article will be shown on the different blogs of the BroadedNET users which will ultimately result to


Also, with the help of BroadedNET, you can also earn some valuable bucks from Affiliate Marketing because other than articles, BroadedNET also approves Affiliate Banners and other modes of Affiliate Marketing which all results to something BIG from your blog.

The active campaigns at BroadedNET, inclusing mine!
The active campaigns at BroadedNET, inclusing mine!

Also, you will not be threatened by the scams of duplicate content because in BroadedNET the users can only post the links of other users’ blog posts resulting in its another awesome feature!

How to get Started with BroadedNET?

There are many things you should keep in mind before making BroadedNET a traffic machine!! Checkout this special checklist for BroadedNET.

How to begin a campaign in BroadedNET?

Step 1: Before starting any campaign in BroadedNET, you firstly gotta log in to it.

Step 2: After logging in, in your login page itself you’ll see some options such as ‘HOW IT WORKS’, ‘INTEGRATION’, etc. From there, click on ‘Create Campaign’.


Step 3: Fill out the entries as stated there.


Click ‘Create Campaign’ and your work is done!!!

How to Add the BroadedNET Widget to your blog?

Step 1: In the lower right corner of the BroadedNET window, you’ll see the direct link to download the widget.

Download BroadedNET Widget now

Step 2: Download and install the widget in your blog and then navigate to Appearance > Widgets in your blog’s Admin Panel.

Step 3: Drag the widget of BroadedNET to your desired place, grab your special API key from your Account page and install the widget!!!

What other people are saying about BroadedNET?

“Enstine Muki is one of the smartest bloggers I know, and his vision for is a grand one. Sign up. Don’t miss out!” Kevin Duncan,

“Enstine Muki is a blogger who I respect and admire. He had such a brilliant idea: Use it to get safe, easy and fast traffic. Jump on the train and register now!” . Erik Emmanuelli!

“Enstine is a skilled, problem-solving blogger… I strongly recommend for both new and veteran bloggers. If you’re struggling to gain search engine traffic this is the place to be.” ~ Ryan Biddulph Blogging from Paradise

My first say results with BroadedNET

Just 24 hrs ago, I started my first campaign at BroadedNET and within that period of time, I got approximately 7k impression on my blog post which was an amazing fact for me!!!

Final Words from the Author’s desk

So I hope you liked the simple technique me any many of my fellow blogging mates have discovered and through this post, my major motive is to familiarize this platform to bloggers from all over the world.



  1. says

    Hello, your contact information for the member site is not working. also after signing up and creating campaigns I am seeing 0 activity also the API number for the widget that I got when I signed up I did place that number in the widget and it keep coming up API error is this affecting the campaigns I have already placed? One more thing can you send a phone number to contact you also a email address that works I have contacted you from the mails you send me saying my campaigns have been approved but I am getting 0 response. I have 4600 credits in my account so at this point this should not be an issue. Please email me at the email address associated with this account. Thanks Richard

  2. says

    Nice Article!
    But I will never use this method, Reason is simple, You are sending your visitors away from your blog. Hard work is key to success. These simple and no work techniques are just for temporary and not for branding.

    Hard work always pays. I know it not easy to get traffic from Search Engines but Hard work pays not immediately but definitely. Trust me organic traffic brings you targeted audience and this is how I’m attracting around 100K PV a month from Search Engines.
    Amar Ilindra recently posted..5 Best Free and Premium WordPress Popup PluginsMy Profile

    • says

      Well, I don’t agree with you Amar because readers, no matter yours or of others look for quality content and if they’ll find something what they want through the BroadedNET widget, they’ll surely navigate to it and in fact, other than losing the readers, one will gain more and more readers!

  3. says

    Hi Divyansh Peswani,

    It’s my first visit to your blog!

    Really we are struggling to increase our blog traffic daily. There are so many bloggers are sharing best source of traffic from where they are getting.

    I have also some article about how to increase traffic regarding this topics. I follow some best traffic driving tips to get good numbers of traffic.

    Yes, i heard about BroadedNET from Enstine’s blog.

    Thanks for sharing your views with us! Will definitely check it out.

    However, well written article. Keep it up.

    Signed Up to your Newsletter!

    Have a nice day.
    M-Minhaj recently posted..How to get quality backlink PR 8 in just 3 minutes workMy Profile

  4. says

    So, Big G also fails , just want to clear that should I remove authorship code from my site or leave it, and what about google publication for brand page.
    Thanks for telling

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