Interview of Neil Patel, King of SEO Industry : Blogger Interview # 10

I am on the 9th cloud Today!!! And the reason of my happiness is that I finally got to interview one of my favorite bloggers –  “Neil Patel” from KISSmetrics and Quick Sprouts. This is one of the most special interview in the series of Bloggers’ Interview in my blog. Interview of Neil Patel

I am interviewing the king of SEO industry, Neil Patel. He is a SEO industry millionaire.  Neil sir runs his two companies, Quicksprouts and KISSmetrics. Both are just awesome and comes in the list of my favorite blogs. 

I find myself fortunate to get a chance to sit in a conversation with the expert and want to share our conversations with all my fellow bloggers. So guys here I present :

Interview of Neil Patel

·        First of all, thank you Neil Sir for agreeing upon the interview. Though, Neil Sir don’t need an introduction but we have to start from a formal introduction. Tell us something about yourself sir. 

I am a founder of three internet marketing companies. Two of them I still work on (Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics). I have always focused on creating quality content and I have a blog that teaches others to do the same (Quick Sprout).

·         When and how did you start your blogging career?

I have been blogging for years. I would say I got serious about blogging only 6 years ago though.

·         Did you make any mistakes when you started your Blogging career?

I didn’t focus on content that others wanted. I would write about topics that interested me but that sometimes had little relevancy to others. I have now changed tact and am solely focused on blogging about digital marketing topics.

·         How did you start companies with names ‘Quicksprouts’ and ‘KISSmetrics’?

Quick Sprout just came to me. I think a company’s name really says a lot about the culture and personality of it’s employees. We wanted to come up with something catchy and fun.

As for KISSmetrics, it was a group effort.

·         What is the main cause of failure of bloggers according to you?

I think people focus too much on the end game. The real strategy should be to focus on what matters most — reaching out and talking to your readers. It’s important for people to focus on comments and being responsive to their readers.  Bloggers also need to focus on producing higher quality of content.

·         What were the tricks you used to earn millions from your companies?

There really are no tricks, it is just all hard work.

·         What are ‘Quicksprouts’ and ‘KISSmetrics’ all about?

Quick Sprout is my blog where I share my thoughts about digital marketing. There are also tons of guides to help people out.

KISSmetrics is a saas company that I am a co-founder of. We offer customer analytic to our users.

·         Do you own any blog rather than your companies?

I own another company blog at Aside from that I just invest and advise other companies.

·         You are one of the most successful bloggers and marketers today. How does it feels?

I don’t feel that I am successful or one of the best marketers out there. I just enjoy doing what I am doing. Best of all, I love learning new things every day.

·         What do you feel works more, hard work, knowledge or luck?

Luck of course is the best, but you can’t control that. You also need hard work and knowledge… and ideally all 3 of them.

·         I am pretty okay with content writing but very mediocre with SEO techniques. Any tips for me and other bloggers like me?

Just use the Yoast SEO plugin. That’s all you really need as a blogger.

·         You are a true inspiration to me and hundreds of other bloggers around. Please guide us with some of you basic ideas of blogging and online marketing.

You can get the basics from here: 🙂


Thanks a ton Neil Sir for taking some of your precious time to answer my questions. You are a true inspiration to me and many other bloggers out there and I am sure this interview of Neil Patel will be very helpful for all of us.

Over to you 🙂


  1. says

    Hiiii Divyansh,
    Thanks you so so much for this precious interview post. No doubt Neil patel is the king of seo. all the bloggers are well familiar with Neil sir and neil sir’s blog. I also regularly visit Quick Sprouts to see what today neil sir shared today because i am big fan of his brilliant writing style.
    A special thanks Divyansh for sharing this mind-blowing interview with of of us. 🙂

  2. says

    Glad to read the interview from Neil.He’s really down to earth.

    Have just browsed through your blogger interview categories. I am looking for more big names here 🙂
    Good luck Divyansh!

  3. says

    Hi Divyansh,

    Congrats on scoring the interview!

    Neil is one of the online superstars we all aspire to be like.

    He makes great points.

    Always listen closely to his advice….it is gold.

    Thanks Divyansh!

  4. says

    So finally you cracked Neil’s interview!! Proud of you buddy!! 🙂

    Neil is one of those marketers whom I follow a lot and it always feel awesome to read his interview!!

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    Hey Divyansh, When i saw your pic first i was shocked i mean how a school going kid can take the interview of Neil Patel but really i gotta believe that you are a Blogger…. Good Luck Boy

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    Hi, I have read his Beginners Guide to Online Marketing. It’s too hard to put so much content and that for free. Neil has one of the best content creators in the team and that is why he is dominating search engines. So, how you invite him for an interview? Have you sent these questions to Neil via email or what? Anyway, a nice post!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Vishal K recently posted..How To Write A Blog Post To Generate More Conversions?My Profile

    • says

      Hmm, speaking frankly Vishal, I find him on Facebook. I messaged him and got the reply instantly where he mentioned the email id. I emailed him the questions. Though it took time, after 3 weeks of sending the questions, I received the proper answers from him.

  7. says

    Hi Divyansh Peswani
    Greetings and big congrats to publish interview of a pro blogger with such a towering stature which a few bloggers in the world have.
    He is no doubt among top pro bloggers of the world. They usually don’t give interview to an ordinary blogger. Do you know what I mean. So always be proud of your achievement but never let your pace of struggle to breathe awhile and keep moving ahead. You have a long way to go but you did a great job in their early age. I am envious of you.
    Thanks for sharing this blog interview that has a lot more value for all to learn quite new things about blogging.
    Mi Muba recently posted..Do you know how you are dumping your each blog post?My Profile

    • says

      Thanks Mi but one thing which I don’t agree is that he is always there to reply Interview questions, no matter the blogger is ordinary or not. But still, your comment means a lot to me.

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    You have to spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save
    you a lot of work, there is a tool that creates unique, SEO friendly articles in couple of minutes, just type in google – k2 unlimited content
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