Bloggers Interview # 6 : Interview with Aadith Sasi, guy earning $7000-8000 monthly from website flipping

Wassup guys! Today, in our interview series, we are having Aadith Sasi. I hope that every blogger, especially Indian bloggers know Aadith sir but if you don’t then let me tell you that Aadith sasi is Asia’s biggest website flipper. He  earns $7000-8000 monthly and currently, he is running his own company named Xpacmedia. So lets begin the interview.


Firstly tell us about yourself

Hi,I am Aadith Sasi Currently doing engineering (1st year) from  Gurgaon Institute of Technology & Management,Bilaspur.Passed out 12th From D.P.S Maruti kunj.A student by force and an Entrepreneur by passion.Started my blogging Journey 4 years back.Currently own a firm “Xpacmedia” where we are providing all time of IM Services and moreover the first in India to provide to Flipping services.

Why did you start your career?

As all of in our teenage life need extra money to be a bit of lavish and moreover wanted to stand on my legs that was the reason I started blogging.


Who gave this unique idea of website flipping to you?

The first guy I saw on flippa selling a site from Indian Blogosphere was Vikas Bhat.He was my inspiration from where I started making sites and flipping them.


How do you sell your websites at such high price?

Would you be paying me more money for a thing which is not worth what you pay?Obviously no one would.So I wont say I am selling sites at high prices.Moreover you can say I evaluate sites properly.


How much do you earn monthly?

It varies from 4 Figures to 5 Figures(Keep guessing whether it’s USD or INR)


What is the best strategy to sell at a high price and few tips for the newbie website flippers.?

Never make a site for the sole purpose of flipping that is the best thing which will always help you grow the site and get the best price out of it.Few points:

1.Never end auctions on Weekends and odd timings(Most buyers are from UK and USA)

2.Add every possible Details

3.Have a steady Traffic and Revenue graph

4.Help the new buyer set up the site and provide 30 days support.

5.If you want to get the best price for your site.Contact: .I can assure you that you will get the site sold very professionally will be completely  hassle free .

6.If you have any other questions related to flipping.Contact me @


  1. says

    Awesome interview mate, It feels great to have such a young entrepreneur in our country and earning handsome income. I’m sure you’ll reach to more success steps in future.

    Now the interview is quite informative and motivational.

    I’d contact Aadith Sasi for flipping one of my site,


  2. says

    Wow! It is just amazing. I also wanted to be independent and make my own identity. Please contact me as I need guide from you.

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