Life of a 12 Year Entrepreneur – An Interview with Bishal Biswas

Guys, after giving a long sleep to FWA Interview series, we are back with an interesting interview!!

Today, I am presenting of a 12 year old entrepreneur, Bishal Biswas from Bishal is a 12 year old young entrepreneur and SEO/SMO expert, living in West Bengal, India. In today’s interview, he is gonna share some Engine Optimization, Traffic Increasing and Social Media strategies which he uses in his daily regular life. Hope you’ll find this interview interesting and useful for the new online marketer and bloggers. So without wasting any more time, let’s begin with the interview:



Interview with Bishal Biswas

Q1. First of all, welcome Bishal sir to Please introduce yourself to our readers:


Ans: Hey Divyansh, thanks for having me here on your prestigious blog and here’s a short introduction for your blog readers.

Hi I’m Bishal Biswas, a 12 years old Entrepreneur cum Internet Marketer based in West Bengal, India and I have been blogging since quarter 2011. I started blogging as a hobby which later turned as a source of income which helped me to survive more into blogging. My primary blog is where I share actionable tips on blogging and internet marketing which is suitable for new-comer as well as for any existing blogger.


Q2. Tell us about your experience in blogging and your dreams in blogging:


Ans: Blogging has been been an inspirational journey for me which is full of new tragedy. Everyday we come across new people, new strategies and new minds. “Blog to learn, and learn to blog” the most inspirational quote which I personally follow.


In 2010, I started my online career. I wouldn’t disclose the information of the first site, due to some reason yet, It was a forum with over 30,000 active members which was having an avg. of 50,000+ uploads, later I came to know about blogging through some sources which changed my life. I have been awarded by West Bengal Govt. and Science & Technology for my knowledge based on computer and internet, later on I was also awarded by Webs Hosting Company with Top Website Of the Month. I had been also awarded by several other communities as a Graphic Designer.
Blogging has not only been a great joy of success to me but has made me stand on the massive crowd. I respect blogging as it has given me a great happiness in my life, well that what I would say about blogging.

Q3. What should be sufficient to call you, a blogger or an internet marketer?


Ans: Well, you can call me a blogger who is yet learning new strategies everyday to tweak blogs. Or so a internet marketer.


Q4. You have been a motivation for many people. What is your motivation blogging?


Ans: Although there’s many behind my blogging journey, I would specially thank:
1. My parents and my sister, for their support.
2. Harsh Agarwal (
3. Zac Johnson (
4. Pat Fynn (
5. Ileane Smith (

Q5. You have experimented on many niches till now. What is the niche on which you love to write the most


Ans: There’s several niches, yet to say I liked blogging as the most interesting topic and would too recommend others to get their hand into blogging to start gaining profit out of their blog.


Q6. What are the sources on income in your blogging life?


Ans: Freelancing is my primary source of income where I do various work like Logo Designing, SEO Optimization, etc. Yet Advertising, Sponsored Posts are my secondary source of income.


Q7. When and how did you came into this magical world of blogging?


Ans: Past back on 2010, I had an established forum where I used to share software, games, movies etc (which too had PR 4) getting approx 10,000 Daily Visitors having 30,000+ Active Members. Unfortunately due to a big server crash our total database got vanished leading to huge drop in our over all process. Disappointed, I moved towards Youtube and yet started creating Youtube Tutorials. On 2011 I got award from Science & Technology for creating one of the most popular youtube tutorial, also I was given Fame of Youtube Guru past 2011.
Slowly and steadily or to say by an accident I came to know about Blogger CMS and yet go on digging more about the topic. I re-created another blog at that Free Hosting and slowly it gain visitors yet got motivated and just landed onto Blogging. However, on 2012 I came to know the actual meaning of blogging when I created my first blog The Digit Crunch.
Now, I am being hired and working with several companies and stat-up to improve their branding and to take their blog to the next level.


Q8. Where do you spend more of your time, on article writing or on promotion?


Ans: If you have creative ideas inside your mind, you could too even write an article within 30 minutes, however giving importance to promotion is too important. So, you can say I give equal importance to both.


Q9. Which has been more profitable for you, online or offline business?


Ans: Well, I’m not sure about this, however in my point of view online business can give huge effect on the offline business. However, in future rather being a business person working 10-5 on office I would like to establish my very own website development along with being a Blogger.


Q10. Any tips for the upcoming bloggers?


Write, write and keep on writing. Don’t run behind Alexa rather try to improve your blog’s readership. And if you want to make money with your blog, then you must follow this:
Brain Storming Ideas + Effective Promotion = $$$$
So, keep writing and keep blogging :



  1. says

    Divyansh – wow! Thanks a lot for featuring me here. I really appreciate your support and your willingness to share my blogging journey with ViralBlogTips on this prestigious site 🙂

  2. says

    It’s wow only because you people’s support 🙂 Thanks a lot for your co-operation and your support in my blogging journey.However, thanks a lot for sharing your views here!

  3. says

    Hey there, You might feel that my comment is full of sarcasm and you may not approve this comment or edit it but i will say what i have to say…. I don’t wanna ruin this post but still… I have few questions with Bishal Biswas, Can you give us the proof that you were Youtube Guru in 2011, your certificate from Adobe as a Certified Designer, any links of your SO CALLED PR4 blog and any kind of your mail screenshots with the BIG Companies which want to hire you badly 🙂 I know there are very less chances of getting this comment approved but still i will try my luck on this 😉

    • says

      Impressed with your voice Madav, however I do blogging or what ever you say with a mind only to help others not to attract/prove something to anyone. Desire to blog led me at this stage, nor or less as per to your question I do have some valuable achievements perhaps as you want me to prove you my achievements is you can only know when you sit beside me and see what I am doing, I am quite sure you would get impressed as like the Govt Official done to me. Pleasure seeking mind, having an intention to blog.

      It’s actually depended upon you and your thoughts whether you would believe someone or not, perhaps if you don’t want to do so, I don’t have any problem or issues of it. Blogging is something which I like and want to continue this journey, I know I would get many questionnaires out of it which I should well know to tackle.

      I hope you find this answer useful.
      – Bishal Biswas

  4. gaurav belwal says

    it is not matter what is your age .
    the matter is what is the level of quality . yah bishal and divyansh both are you quality person .
    best of luck

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