Bloggers Interview # 5 : Interview with Ifham khan, India’s biggest logo designer

If you are in blogging or planning to start one then I am damn sure that you have heard the name of Ifham Khan but if you haven’t then lemme tell you that Ifham khan is India’s biggest logo designer and today, its my pleasure that I am taking the interview of the same guy. He has its clients all over the world and takes $49-$199 per logo. He runs his logo designing company called MashInMedia, isn’t it an interesting name. He also blogs at MashDesigning, a complete designing blog. So lets start the interview.


Firstly tell us about yourself

Ans: Hello! I am Ifham Khan from Mumbai, a Logo designer, blogger, future programmer, entrepreneur. I run my own Logo designing firm MashinMedia with my partner Nikita. Apart from Logo designing, I love listening songs and watching Inspirational movies.

Why and when did you decided to become a logo Designer?

Ans: I am into designing from more than 3 years, but Logo designing is what I started just One year ago. There was no intention of becoming logo designer at that time. I started designing logos just to improve my designing skills and later it turned as my business.

How and when did you start blogging?

Ans: I started blogging 6 years ago but I was not aware how to do it properly. I was same as another newbie blogger, who starts his blog in or, places adsense and start clicking on his own ads. But it was all an experience to become a Successful Blogger.

How do you get such creative logo designing ideas?

Ans: Brainstorming! One of the most important part of logo designing. Before you do anything, first get your Pen and paper, and start sketching. You will automatically get creative ideas. All you need is to focus (Of course a cup of coffee needed 😉 )

Which website inspires you the most?

Ans:, Yes I really love my website. It always reminds me the hard work I did for it and inspires me to do more.

What is the best business strategy according to you?

Ans: This is a very good question, but unfortunately it cannot be answered here because there is so much in it. Though, the best business strategy is ‘Make your Clients Happy’. No matter what, they will definitely get back to you.

How much do you earn Monthly?

Ans:Critical question :p Well I earn enough to run my family and enjoy my life.

Any designing tips for the newbie designers

Ans:Learn Basics, You cannot become a Professional designer without knowing the basics




  1. says

    Yeah he is the biggest and the most popular logo designer of India. I started using Photoshop by seeing how he could create such awesome logos. It was kind of competitive feeling for me that if he can do it then I can too! But I am not at all good at designing. His creativity is great and he comes up with some awesome concepts for every logo that he takes up.
    I hope that he soon becomes the best in the world 🙂

  2. says

    Hi.. Divyansh
    Nice interview with my friend @Ifham khan.

    Yeah! He is Founder of “MashinMedia” And Now He is doing Hard work from some months.

    then he earned much Money from His work .

    He is also Inspriring for us, he was told me that “you can do anything with your hardwork”.

    And @Divyansh Bro. I know to your Mother Very well she is also a gr8 blogger. and she is added in my friend list on facebook hope you will add me also.

    Thanks for Share this Awesome #Interviews. 🙂

  3. says

    Ifham makes some good logo, you cannot refuse ! I love his team members – mutual trust makes a company successful.

    Hope i get new team members – not like old rogue one !

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