Bloggers Interviews # 8 : Interview with Rajesh Namase from TechLila Blog

Hey guys, today, I am very happy as today, we are having Rajesh Namase in our interview series. Rajesh is the owner on, which comes in the list of top 10 biggest blogs of India. One of the team members sat in a conversation with Rajesh Namase so just check out the informative interview with Rajesh sir.


1.Firstly tell something about you to our readers

=>Hi Divyansh, first of all thank you for deciding to interview me.

I’m Rajesh Namase, the proud owner of I completed engineering in 2012 and then joined TCS.  After about two months, I decided to continue blogging as a full time profession and resigned from TCS. Now I’m a professional blogger and SEO, I love to play with search engines 😉

2. Who was your inspiration when you started blogging?

=> Like many bloggers I started my first blog – to share my knowledge and experience. While browsing I came to know about Joost de Valk (Founder of and his plugins. I’m a big fan of this guy; he’s awesome! From the beginning of my career, he has been my inspiration.

Also when I started blogging I was inspired from Milenko ( because he created some awesome WordPress themes like Mystique. I was earlier using Mystique theme on but sadly these days he has stopped updating his WordPress themes L

Last but not least Vedant Kumar. He is a 17 years old guy who inspired me to start affiliate marketing and suggested me the best ways to do it.

3. When did you start blogging?

=> From grade 11 I’m passionate about the web and I created my first website on to share songs download links and wallpapers. Then in my 3rd year of engineering (September 2010), I started my blog on My uncle (Mama) suggested me to use WordPress, he registered and setup WordPress on his server. This is how my journey started with WordPress.

4. Who gave you this idea to start a blog with name ‘TechLila’?

=> I started my first blog with (Namase is my surname), this blog started getting some really good visitors count. Many people suggested me to use a domain name related to blog, and then I started to think about a good name related to site content. Again, my uncle suggested this name “TechLila” and I liked it immensely. Then I moved all the content of to

5.  From where and how do you collect/choose topics for your blog?

=> Good question! I always try to choose different subject i.e. the subjects which are not covered on many blogs. Mostly, I get ideas about these subjects from my own experience and these blog posts get good traffic regularly.

Also, forums are the best way to get new ideas about post topics. You’ll find many unanswered questions and also some questions which have no proper answers J

6. What is your blogging and SEO strategy?

=> I’ve shared all I can about my strategies here:

7. Any advice for newbies?

=>Don’t blog to make money. Be unique, generate great blog content, and money will automatically follow you.

“Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record each and everyday, and you are a success – William Boetcker”.




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    Nice to hear about you buddy… Affiliate marketing is my main source of income. I started a hosting company in 2012 to help the peoples who can not afford premium hosting like Indian Students, Beginners etc. Now it has more than 50000 active websites and we are getting 15-30 website hosted in a day. We use affiliate to offer premium hosting 😀

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