Bloggers Interviews # 9 : Interview with Super affiliate marketer, Harshad Ghodke

Hello my fellow mates. I hope that your all know about Affiliate Marketing and today, I interviewed one of India’s mastered Affiliate Marketer, Harshad Ghodke. He runs his own Affiliate marketing company, ConduceMedia. He also blogs on his tech blog, Our interviewing team sat in a conversation with the super affiliate Marketer from India.


  • Firstly tell us about yourself

I am Harshad Ghodke. I am a father of two Sons, a husband, Internet marketer and blogger.

  • Who was your Inspiration as an Affiliate Marketer?
I’ve been reading blogs by Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney), John Chow, Jonathan Volk, Ian Fernando, Zac Johnson and more. They all motivated and inspired me to make money online.
  • When and How did you start Affiliate Marketing? 
I started affiliate marketing back in 2003 when it was mostly dating then. I did not have any major success in affiliate marketing till 2005. It was a funny but awesome experience. I had a day job back then and I used to post on Yahoo Answers referring people to my ebay, amazon and other affiliate links. I was surprised to see my earnings the first day I started this and the amount was as good as what I used to make at my day job. The excitement increased and so did the income. Haven’t looked back after that.
  • What according to you is the best Affiliate Marketing Strategy?   
This is a wrong question. You cannot have a single strategy if you are an affiliate marketer. You need to keep on trying and testing various things. I have been surprised to see an idea make thousands of dollars a day for me when I thought the idea would not work at all. So go ahead, try new things and I am sure you will make money.
  • When did you started your Affiliate Marketing? 
In 2003.
  • Any advice for the new Affiliate Marketers?
Got an idea? Implement it. Don’t wait for others to make money which YOU can make easily. Work on new ideas and improvise on the current ones. I have seen lot of affiliate marketers scared to spend on advertisement. Yes, dont invest big initially… but as you make money, try and invest some in advertising or paid traffic. You might not make profits immediately but you will learn lot of things which will help you make profits later. Most importantly, dont waste your money on get rich quick schemes, ebooks or softwares that claim to make you millions by click of a button.


  • How much money do you earn monthly from Affiliate Marketing? 
Really depends. You can have good and bad days in affiliate marketing. But I can assure you that affiliate marketing makes at-least 5-10 times more than the best bloggers in India make with AdSense.
Thanks Harshad sir for your precious time and this wonderful interview.
Wow!! That was indeed a very useful time spent with one of the most leading affiliate marketers of India. I got to learn so many things about affiliate marketing and hope my readers will also enjoy this read.
Stay Tuned to read more of such awesome and useful interviews here on Find Web Apps 🙂


  1. says

    Harshad is a gem of a person who helps everyone and i know him since 10 years. 🙂 Always helpful and always keen to answer anything.

  2. Craig says

    Harshad has not been blogging lately which is a shame. I saw his facebook and it seems he has settled in Australia and has been traveling . One of the silent but big internet marketing professional I know. Spoke to him a couple of times and he is very down to earth. Happy to answer questions and help. Great individual.

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