Enjoy Sexting With Snapchat On Your iPhone- Best Sexting App For iOS Users

Sexting is the word I am going to talk about today. I am sure you are very well aware of this word. Sending the sexually explicit pictures of messages is what we call as ‘Sexting’. Usually sexting is done between mobile phones.

Sexting has quickly become a part of teens around and one out of five teens admits that they send their nude/semi nude pictures and super hot text messages to their friends using their cell phones and computers.

As my website is all about the apps, I am today going to tell you about a Sexting app for Apple devices, Snapchat!

Have you heard about it?

Sexting app

I am sure most of you have. If not, let me tell you it is an app especially designed for Sexting lovers.

Snapchat and Sexting

Snapchat is a photo sharing app designed for IOS users which allow them to put a time limit on an image before sending it to anyone. The image will be visible only for the time limit you select. The users can send the image to anyone in their Sexting list.

To send a picture through Snapchat user just need to select the friend from the address book or can also add a specific name.

Go to the in-app camera–> click the picture–>Set the time limit–>Select recipients and finally click on Send. You can see the sent and received images and messages in your SnapChat mailbox.

Let me explain how Snapchat lessens the risk in Sexting. If you have Snapchat download and installed in your iOS device you can share any photo with anyone without any worries. This app destroys the image in 10 second after you send it.

In fact you can control for how long that image will be visible in the receiver’s device. If you have set it seconds, the image will destroy automatically after ten seconds once it reaches the other end.

This is iOS sexting app, was launched somewhere around May 2012 and the makers claim it to be a safe sexting app.

Well if you ask me, Sexting can never be safe.

However this free iOS app can save your embarrassment to some extent. Snapchat is designed, developed and launched especially for the IOS users who love ‘Sexting’ but are worried about the safety as well.

Now let me take it otherwise. If a notorious mind is reading this post and thinking to screencap the image before it destroys, don’t even try that because Snapchat will not allow you doing so.

As soon as you will try doing that, the sender will get an alert from the app. You two then are in a real trouble.

Sexting through Snapchat might sound great way to share intimate pictures and message with friends but remember that any content that we upload online can never be safe.

Whatever the app may be, Sexting still is done at your own risk. Even the privacy terms of Snapchat states that the app is not responsible for deleting any of your objectionable pictures or texts once they are sent to the other end.

According to the privacy terms of the app all the data you send is stored temporarily in their database which is deleted later but still they don’t guarantee that the messages or pictures will be deleted in every case.

In the end all I want to say is that enjoy Sexting with Snapchat but be careful!!!!!!

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    • shiwangi says

      It’s nice that you have installed this app on your iPhone Ashish..You can start sexting with any of your friends in your phonebook or in the Facebook friends list,of course if she agrees (I am sure you won’t be looking for HE) :p

  1. says

    Great app, but when I take a picture with my front cam, the pic turns out very dark. Even when the environment im taking the picture in is extremely light. Other than that, this is a great app! Thanks.

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