Best iPad Apps For New iPad 3 With Retina Display

So you have a new iPad 3, great!!

So what’s next you are planning?essential iPad Apps


I am sure you might be looking for some good and latest iPad apps for your all new iPad. In case you haven’t noticed, let me tell you that the new iPad 3 has come with a gorgeous retina display and on top of that iStore now has some best  retina display  iPad apps.


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This new iPad 3 has the pixel count exactly double of that in the old iPad with a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution which is more than even a finest HDTV. Thus all the developers got busy in upgrading their apps to suit best in the new iPad with retina display. It is undoubtedly the most apparent upgrade in a tablet’s screen.

With the new retina display a user can get a sharper and crispier view of picture and video even with a naked eye and if you are a photo junkie or a gamer, this is a fantastic upgrade for you. To make out more of the new retina display, you better compare the display of the first generation model and the new iPad 3; you will notice a drastic change. The results are beyond one’s imagination.

I might be sounding creepy but this new and upgraded version of iPad3 with retina display makes its predecessors look bad.

However, the entire iPad apps will look gorgeous with this new retina display, but I have collected some preeminent  iPad apps wisely which are best optimized for new iPad 3.

Though Apple simultaneously brought some best  retina display  iPad apps  in the store, but it missed some really good ones.

There are actually too many of them and selecting one out of many is certainly an intimidating task, thus I am incorporating here 10 best ipad3 retina display apps in my piece of writing. Below is the list-

Best iPad Apps For Retina Display

The New York Times

essential iPad Apps

If you read your newspaper on your tablet daily, this is a must installing app for you. The new iPad 3 with the retina display supports this app brilliantly and you can have a crystal clear view of your newspaper with this app. The text becomes amazingly sharper in the new iPad. New York Times upgraded their app for iPad 3 retina display.

Infinity Blade II

essential iPad Apps

This is the best ever displayed app on iPad right from the generation one. The developers have upgraded it making it one of the best ipad3 retina display apps. This app is however not a free app, but it is worth buying at $6.99. Infinity Blade II gives a tough competition to the gaming consoles.


essential iPad Apps

The new and upgraded iPhoto for the iPad 3 with retina display offers multi touch browsing and editing features. It is available at $4.99.

Diamond Dash App

essential iPad Apps

This is one of the most common games played by the iPad users in their leisure time and if you are one among them, you must get it installed on your new iPad 3. The retina display makes it more comfortable and soothing to eyes and you can play for hours without stressing on your eyes.

Solar Walk

essential iPad Apps

This is the one of the best  retina display iPad apps for the recreational astronomy junkies. It was always considered as the best space app for the iPad and is now better after getting upgraded for the new iPad 3 with retina display. It is available just at $2.99.

Marine Charts

essential iPad Apps

Available for $19.99 this app brings a crystal clear display of the complete marine maps. No other app displays the depth of data and so many range of features. The best app for sailors.


essential iPad Apps

This app is recently developed by the developers to make it compatible to the all new iPad 3 with the retina display. You can now read over 1 ,000,000 books with a crystal clear picture and text.


essential iPad Apps

You get an incredible photo booth in your iPad3 if you get this app installed. You can cram with as many friends as you want. You can share your images with your friends on the social networking websites in real time.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

essential iPad Apps

This is a fantastic game to be played on an iPad and with the new retina display iPad you may get amazing graphics which may double the enthrallment of the game. This app is available in iStore for $4.99.

IA Writer

essential iPad Apps

This is one of the best ipad3 retina display apps for a blogger, especially for the ones which are usually on the go. This app is available in the iStore just for $0.99.

I hope you like my list of best iPad apps for new iPad 3. If you like to add some, the comment box is waiting for you.



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    Thank you Shiwangi for explaining all this to me. This is one thing I do not have, but as I grow, I will be needing one in the near future.

    I work from home all the time, so when I go out, I don’t carry a phone, or anything else. Just me! I like time away from everything that reminds me of work. If something is important, I’ll get to it later. With the work I do, I need my down time.

    But..on the other hand, if life takes me away from my home office, I will have to purchase this and learn how to use it effectively.

    Thanks for the info.
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    • shiwangi says

      That sounds great Donna. I wish I can even go to such holidays without any phone, laptop etc. Thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment. Please keep visiting 🙂

    • shiwangi says

      No issues Rasheed you can enjoy these apps in iPad 2 as well. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment here. Keep visiting 🙂

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