Iperius Backup: Now Automate the Backup of your PC within seconds

Are your old-fashioned backup services not reliable for the valuable data of your PC and you are in an urgent need of one? Well, today, as a part of our freeware series, I come up with another free backup software i.e. Iperius Backup that can easily help you out! This software allows the automate backup for your PC’s data and can be utilized in both; free and premium version.

iperius backup freeware

What is the Iperius Backup Freeware?

Iperius Backup is, frankly speaking, one of the best Backup software for PCs with what you can easily Automatic backup of any type of file. The tool is quite easy-to-use, lightweight and totally reliable that is supported with Windows 8/8.1 (which is the majority of Windows OS’ now, right) and as said earlier, trusted and being used by people all over the world mentioning it as the best free backup software for PC and Server!

The tool can also save your files online securely and has FTP / FTPS / AES support. With the help of this tool, you can also perform Cloud Backup for your PC data that can be purchased only for 39 € (reasonable, right?).

Features of the Iperius Backup Freeware

Cloud Backup: Iperius can automatically send your backups to cloud storage services, from where, you can easily have online backups on Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox, with zip compression and AES 256 bit encryption.

Drive Image: Iperius Backup can create images of the whole disk, to allow you to automatically reinstall the system in a few clicks. The disk image is made without any interruption or reboot (hot backup), and you can also restore it to dissimilar hardware.

Backup of all Databases: This tool is a powerful and easy-to-use backup software for Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. It can make automatic backups and supports compression.

Tape Backup: Iperius is an agile and powerful software to backup your data to any tape drive (LTO, DAT, etc.). Compression, password protection with AES encryption, automatic tape ejection, restore of individual files.

Disk backup / Network: Iperius can copy files and folders to any mass storage device, like NAS, external USB drives, RDX devices, computers in the network. Zip 64 compression, AES encryption, synchronization, and possibility to keep incremental backups.

Some other key features of Iperius Backup freeware

  • Running of external scripts, processes and files, before and after the backup
  • Special variables to easily customize paths and settings
  • Unlimited backup jobs, unlimited source items, unlimited destinations
  • Automatic authentication on network shares
  • Planned and automated execution of each backup job
  • Installation as Windows service
  • Running of multiple and parallel backups
  • Detailed reports
  • Inclusion and exclusion filters based on file extensions
  • Automatic computer shutdown after backup.

This tool has also been reviewed by online publications like Softpedia and MajorGeeks.com and if you are an avid reader there, I hope you know that they always present something valuable, right?

Download the Iperius Backup Utility for free here or get started with the premium versions, with varied prices, of this Tool here!


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    Hi Divyansh

    Maintaining backup of your PC is one of the quite irritating task. Problems occurs when you skip to do that and during that time you lose several things because of any external and internal problem. That is why any easy to do system is need of the hour to avoid doing everything manually.

    You well described all the main features of Iperius and especially its both the free and premium options send equal level of appeal for those who can afford and also for those who just want a free support.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful review post.
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